Fix AR

posted on 2013-11-02 01:18:15
Ever since you guys abandoned WolfPaw, we keep getting random bouts of connectivity issues. Please fix it...
  1. faelon Fix AR -
    Seems like the forum is down right now. Is ar down?
  2. veruliane Fix AR -
    Funny you say that. The old wolfpaw stuff still works. I am on right now. It saw this || Original DikuMUD by Tom Madsen, Katya Nyoboe, Hans Staerfeldt, Michael ||
    || Seifert and Sebastian Hammer. Based on Merc 2.1 code by Hatchet, Fury ||
    || and Kahn. Rom 2.4 copyright (c) 1993-1994 Russ Taylor. Founded by ||
    || Denadlyr, Rakhashe, Sarich, Stryth and Virgil. Maintained by Burzuk. ||

    ABANDONED REALMS is now hosted at a new server.
    Please point your MUD client to the new IP.

    The new IP address is: 9000

    The DNS is still, allow some time for your cache to update.

    By what name do you wish to be remembered?
    Course you can log in!
  3. noop Fix AR -
    its back up
  4. yumad Fix AR -
    you willing to pay $60/month for a private VPS?
  5. beia Fix AR -
    Who wants the play a mud that lags all the time? We sit back and watch as the player base continues to dwindle, soon it will be nothing but immortals.
  6. ergorion Fix AR -
    Seriously beia? You realize that it is a privilege that this game is free. You arent entitled to it. As yumad said, if youre willing to pay for the servers, go ahead. Otherwise you should just stfu and enjoy what you can.
  7. noop Fix AR -
    people on the forum have offered to pay if it was necessary. but beia has a point. i was sitting here yesterday thinking if it was worth playing this game if were going to continually have bouts of lag and get no real response/acknowledgement from staff
  8. nycticora Fix AR -
    Saying it is a privilege does not help. AR belongs to the players, and he has every right to be pissed off when the game is down.

    it is not a money issue, it is a time issue. It took four professional badasses (we do this kind of thing for a living) two solid days of no sleep to migrate AR off the Wolfpaw "bad jail"-style server that was not upgraded since like 1999 onto a modern VPS. We would rather not have to do that again if it can be avoided.

    To reiterate: we did not pick a cheap server just because it is cheap or we cannot afford it. All servers of this type are run by people who do not know ass from elbow, and finding one better would not be an easy thing to do. It is not a problem you can just throw money at. I already pay $30/mo out of pocket for AR advertising. If I could just throw money somewhere to increase the pbase or increase reliability, I would. Unfortunately most problems are not that easy and require an actual expenditure of time and effort.
  9. nycticora Fix AR -
    bsd jail not bad jail lol
    I guess they are essentially the same
  10. ergorion Fix AR -
    ooo. how hard would it be to design a bot that could vote on the ratings sites? and having it increase each month so that we dont have a meteoric rise from #30 - #5.
  11. retard Fix AR -
    Wow. I am shocked to read someone saying they dont get responses from us. Regarding uptime, we have been developing a lot of new stuff, it wasnt all our server. It was also bugs.
  12. beia Fix AR -
    Give us monks and Druids back please Dav, I know of at least 4 people who will return to AR when that happens.. :D also put a donate button on AR, and give us Donate=Surge for everyone options!
  13. beia Fix AR -
    Full surge, Skills, Gold, EXP, not that holiday EXP only bs :P