Mkatos and Rondak RP log.

posted on 2013-10-31 21:26:57
I log in, Mkatos is here and he begins talking to me. Enjoy.

Mkatos tells you 'So, Rondak. Is Stryth-o-ween the day you die for the final time?'

You tell Mkatos 'Nope.'

Mkatos tells you 'I will allow you the dignity of choosing that day.'

You tell Mkatos 'I still have time left.'

You tell Mkatos 'Depending on what happens in the near future I may have to drag it out.'

Mkatos tells you 'I will lose a great deal of respect for the castle if Euriah succeeds you.'

You tell Mkatos 'And why is that?'

Mkatos tells you 'Euriah may kill one of my soldiers now and again, but he is ruled by fear, and greed.'

Mkatos tells you 'When he is cursed with insomnia, he would rather run to Seringale and sleep at the feet of two Justices than keep is self-respect for a slightly higher chance of error.'

Mkatos tells you 'I have plundered the castle for a full day without him showing to defend.'

You tell Mkatos 'Why is this the first I am hearing of this?'

Mkatos tells you 'Why would you need to know?'

You tell Mkatos 'Do you not realize my final duty is to choose my successor?'

Mkatos tells you 'Perhaps I do, Rondak.'

Mkatos tells you 'A few renewals past, I would have encouraged his selection...then, the mission I have sought to complete for three celestials...'

Mkatos tells you 'I achieved it.'

Mkatos tells you 'It was not as I imagined.'

You tell Mkatos 'What do you mean?'

Mkatos tells you 'I set the Chaos Dragon's full power free.'

You tell Mkatos 'Where are you? I will speak with you face to face. '

Mkatos tells you 'You can find me in Liberty.'

The man standing here bears the exquisite trappings of a dark priest.
Slight wrinkles around his eyes and marked furrows in his brow betray his
advancing age, but his limbs are toned and strong. He sports the markings
of old wounds all over his body, plentiful but few deep enough to be the
remnants of mortal injuries. The cuts run black under the skin - on closer
inspection, not with scar tissue but with dark magic holding his very skin
together. A similar energy hums from the intricate holy symbol depicting a
shadowy dragon that hangs from his neck. His appearance for the most part
is well-kept, his raven-feather hair falling neatly over his forehead around
is eyes. Those eyes, deep enthralling pools of gray-green, draw your gaze
again and again, seeming to pulse with a strange glow. The only more
intriguing aspect of his person is the elaborate tattoo on his forearm, a
black hand emblazoned with a pentagram. It appears to writhe slightly,
emanating an energy and presence not entirely of this world.
He is an experienced explorer.
He will stop at nothing to fulfill his goals.
Mkatos is in excellent condition.

Mkatos is using:
(Glowing) the Doom-Weaver of Legion
a dragonwing thrice-etched band of unerring flight
a dragonwing thrice-etched band of unerring flight
(Glowing) (Humming) a crystal-studded pendant
(Humming) a dragonwing revolutionary cravat of homing
(Glowing) (Humming) a helm of domination
an earring set with a burning eye
overlapping plates of black armor
(Humming) obsidian plated arm guards
(Glowing) (Humming) a pair of spiked light-steel gauntlets
(Glowing) (Humming) the Legbands of Order
a pair of dragonblood snakeskin boots
(Glowing) (Humming) a Warshield of Invulnerability
a thin, translucent robe of pink
(Glowing) a segmented belt of crimson scales
(Glowing) a marked bracer
(Glowing) a dragonblood revolutionary bracer of wounding
(Glowing) (Humming) 'Elundaris', the Flail of Lifestealing
(Glowing) (Humming) the Gem of Hatred
a black hand marked with a pentagram

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 382/399mv 22410tnl 231g day no opponent no opponent calm>
Mkatos looks at you.

You say 'I am sure you understand the point I make speaking face to face like this.'

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 382/399mv 22410tnl 231g day no opponent no opponent calm>
You dismount from a brass Asc'Liena stallion.

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 382/399mv 22410tnl 231g day no opponent no opponent calm>
Mkatos's protective shield dissipates.

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 399/399mv 22410tnl 231g day no opponent no opponent calm>
Mkatos closes his eyes momentarily.
Mkatos is surrounded by a protective shell of magic.

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 399/399mv 22410tnl 231g day no opponent no opponent calm> rest
You rest.

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 399/399mv 22410tnl 231g day no opponent no opponent calm>
Mkatos says 'Perhaps you see a bit of truth to Solarius' exhortations?'

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 399/399mv 22410tnl 231g day no opponent no opponent calm> snort
You snort derisively.

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 399/399mv 22410tnl 231g day no opponent no opponent calm> say No
You say 'No.'

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 399/399mv 22410tnl 231g day no opponent no opponent calm>
Mkatos smirks.

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 399/399mv 22410tnl 231g day no opponent no opponent calm>
Mkatos nods.

You say 'My only point is fear has never been something that has driven me or guided my actions.'

You say 'I am quite aware how our battles end, yet here I stand.'

Mkatos nods.

Mkatos says 'In that, we are similar.'
You say 'Or sit.'

You snicker softly.

You nod.

Mkatos mulls over the idea at hand. Please be patient.

You say 'You released the Chaos Dragon?'

Mkatos says 'Yes.'

You say 'I have defeated the Chaos dragon once before.'

You say 'You should remember, you took his armaments from me a long time ago.'

You snicker softly.

Mkatos smiles slightly.

Mkatos shakes his head.

Mkatos says 'No, you defeated a fragment of its power.'

You shrug.

Mkatos says 'It had reached...but a finger, through the veil.'

Mkatos says 'Its ancient enemy stopped it.'

You say 'You claim you want peace, yet you still strive for chaos?'

Mkatos says 'And so, the dragon and I had a bargain.'

Mkatos says 'I killed its ancient enemy, Order, and liberated it.'

Mkatos says 'In a day, I saw Thera unmade.'

You say 'How can you even for a second think the two will work together?'

Mkatos raises an eyebrow.

Mkatos says 'Allow me to finish.'

You nod.

Mkatos says 'Thera was destroyed.'

Mkatos says 'The dragon plundered all the cabals, took the items of power...'

Mkatos says 'Fused them into one, and consumed it.'

Mkatos says 'And then...'

Mkatos trembles slightly.

Mkatos says 'Things changed.'

Mkatos says 'Thera was different.'

Mkatos says 'Darkhaven, the seat of my power, ruled by Order...'

Mkatos says 'Lighthaven.'

Mkatos shudders at the horror and represses tears.

You chuckle politely.

Mkatos says 'The cabals were to sign a treaty...'

Mkatos says 'This was not Thera.'

Mkatos says 'This was perversion.'

You say 'Treaties won't get us where we need to go.'

Mkatos says 'The gods attempted to drive the Dragon out.'

Mkatos thinks long and hard about the issue.

Mkatos says 'To Seringale.'

Mkatos says 'Let us not have a drow disturb us.'

You tell Mkatos 'Did you see something I did not?'

Mkatos tells you 'Zilvintra...'

(to Seringale)
Mkatos says 'The gods' power was not enough.'

Mkatos says 'And yet the Dragon left Thera...'

Mkatos says 'It left me to decide, whether Thera would be in this...other...state.'

Mkatos says 'Or as we stand now.'

Mkatos says 'I decided that Thera's future will be shaped by mortals.'

Mkatos says 'Yet, the Dragon's power did not fully leave Thera...'

Mkatos says 'Part of the dragon remains with me.'

Solarius smiles at you.

A chaos dragon hatchling licks her claws delicately.

The young dragon before you stands as tall as a large dog, though her
tail makes her nearly twice as long. Her scales are a shade of black unique
among dragons, seeming to blur and devour light rather than merely absorb
it. The muscles of a hunter cord in her legs and below her wings, which cut
through the air with unparalleled grace, but undeniable vigor. Her head is
almost dainty, her draconian horns slender and tapered. A speedy, forked
tongue often darts outside of her lips, crackling with dark flames. Her
shadowy eyes glint with the same dark flames as her master's, and betray
intelligence and experience beyond her small form and obvious youth. As you
approach, you can barely make out indistinct images of the past, present,
and future swirling beneath her glassy black scales.
A chaos dragon hatchling is in excellent condition.

Mkatos says 'I am weary. I will not relinquish what I have gained through my own discipline and will, but...'

Mkatos thinks long and hard about the issue.

Mkatos says 'I have yet to decide my path, for now.'

You say 'Chaos is not the way.'

Solarius says 'This dragon...will you be able to control her once she is grown?'

Mkatos says 'You are a being of chaos, Rondak.'

Mkatos says 'You held the Dragon's spear, and were not burned.'

Mkatos says 'Perhaps, Solarius.'

Mkatos says 'Perhaps not.'

You say 'Poor choice of words perhaps.'

Solarius nods at Mkatos.

You say 'Chaos cannot truly be controlled.'

Mkatos says 'And that is its beauty.'

You say 'The chaos of Mortals is not the same as true chaos.'

Mkatos says 'To dominate something is to destroy its true power and potential.'

Solarius says 'Chaos is what creates.'

Mkatos says 'I wish to see what she is capable of...'

A chaos dragon hatchling opens her jaws wide and expels a short stream of shadowy flame.

You say 'People like Zilvintra, claim to be orderly but it is a farce.'

Solarius thinks long and hard about the issue.

Zilvintra shrugs helplessly.

Mkatos looks at Zilvintra.

You say 'Does that mean your goal might be changing then?'

A creature, blacker then a starless sky, moves about here. Floating at a
majestic slant are two yellowish rings surrounding a black dot, a row of
white just bellow them. Flowing strands of silken silver bob about atop
this creature, trailing behind with almost gravity defying properties. The
clothes it wears are barely covering and barely visible, almost making the
creature appear to be wearing nothing at all. The occasional flash of some
metallic object catches the eye, but never from the same place. Somehow,
this creature is alluring.
She has done a fair amount of traveling.
Zilvintra is in excellent condition.

Zilvintra is using:
(Glowing) a war banner of Gasteride
a helm of Justice
black laminated armor
(Glowing) boots of protection
(Humming) a peacemaker dirk
(Humming) a vicious scythe

Zilvintra looks at you.

Mkatos says 'My goal had always been to release the Dragon.'

You bat your eyelashes.

You say to Zilvintra 'What happened to you?'

Mkatos says 'That was the way to herald the Great Storm...'

Mkatos thinks long and hard about the issue.

Zilvintra speaks with dignity and purpose 'Nothing of any significance.'

Mkatos says 'Its results were not as anticipated...'

Solarius says 'Domination has not been his goal, Rondak. I have been trying to get that across.'

You say 'And now you do not know what to do?'

You peer intently at Solarius.

Mkatos shrugs helplessly.

Mkatos says 'I will never abandon chaos. It has always been my salvation.'

You say 'Solarius, I don't really believe you truly know what you are saying.'

Mkatos says 'She has a power to free me that was promised by Darkhan since the beginning.'

Mkatos nods at a chaos dragon hatchling.

You say 'And in the end, when chaos turns on you? What then?'

Ona looks at a chaos dragon hatchling.

Solarius says 'I do not believe he wishes to subjugate...I believe he wishes to let Chaos run it's course.'

Solarius thinks long and hard about the issue.

Mkatos says 'If chaos must consume me, then so be it...'
Azauri flies in.

You say 'Chaos running its course would not be good for any.'

Azauri looks at you.

Azauri waves happily.

You nod at Azauri.

Mkatos says 'And how can you know that?'

Mkatos says 'I look at Thera and I see blood.'

You say 'You spoke of peace before.'

You say 'That is the problem.'

You say 'Think about it.'

You say 'Do you know the history of the Knights?'

You say 'Do you know what began my Order?'

Mkatos says 'I have lived long enough to see history made.'

Mkatos says 'And yes, I know the events long before my birth.'

You say 'It has been a bloody war, one that will not see the end in my lifetime.'

Mkatos snickers softly.

Mkatos says 'But perhaps mine.'

You say 'When I became a knight, I was young, I had dreams of bringing the end to war and suffering.'

A chaos dragon hatchling paces around Mkatos, rubbing against him and humming from within her throat.

You say 'As long as there are those who would dominate, kill for greed, the knights will always stand.'

You say 'Our order was brought about by a betrayal, and a murder.'

Mkatos says 'No. As long as there are those willing to murder for that perspective, the Knights will stand.'

You say 'It made us resolute. '

Mkatos says 'The greedy, the tyrants, they can be dealt with in other ways.'

Mkatos says 'The Knights are perpetuated by idealists, not realists.'

You say 'I admit peace seems more like an idea then the possibility of reality.'

You say 'One day though...'

Rondak gets a far away look in his eyes.

You say 'I hope to see it from where I will be when it does happen.'

Mkatos thinks long and hard about the issue.

Mkatos says 'Yours is an impossible peace.'

You say 'How?'

Mkatos says 'Peace by destroying all those who hold darkness in their hearts...'

Mkatos says 'The only way to ensure that is to prevent any births.'

You shake your head.

Mkatos says 'You cannot keep the darkness out of every heart.'

You say 'We do not want to destroy any who hold darkness in their hearts.'

You say 'An oath not to harm is sufficient.'

You say 'You can think of the oath almost like a treaty.'
Mkatos says 'And an oath is no less than tyranny.'

You say 'How do you figure?'

You say 'We ask for a promise not to harm.'

Mkatos says 'An oath prevents the Knights from striking first against whoever takes it...'

You say 'Those who refuse do so because they mean harm.'

Mkatos says 'It does not protect that person from others.'

Mkatos says 'Should that person seek refuge, you offer none.'

You say 'I have defended those who have taken the oath in the past.'

You say 'I would do so again.'

Mkatos says 'Those who take the oath are very sympathetic to your cause.'

Mkatos says 'It would not work for the majority.'

Mkatos says 'The peaceable majority, who I protect.'

You say 'Just like you kill those who refuse your protection.'

You say 'Demanding gifts from them...'

Mkatos raises an eyebrow.

You say 'You think I haven't heard?'

Mkatos says 'You attribute actions to me that I do not commit.'

You say 'I do not speak of you specifically Mkatos, but your organization as a whole. '

Mkatos says 'You cannot define me by others.'

You say 'Honestly, its sad when the leader of Legion fights me more honorably then anyone else.'

Mkatos says 'Just as I will not attempt to attribute the actions of, say, Euriah, to you, Rondak.'

You nod at Mkatos.

Moreskal says 'I wonder, who in the Army has given you trouble, Executor?'

Moreskal peers at you intently.

Mkatos says 'So many innocents are labeled as 'evil' because they have defended themselves.'

Moreskal nods at Mkatos.

You shake your head.

You say 'The way someone is determined as Anathema does not work that way.'

You say 'It is not like your protection where one death is all it takes.'

Moreskal says to you 'But one does not have to be Anathema for you to slay them? Simply for being evil?'

You say 'I never kill someone simply for being evil.'

You say 'I speak with everyone.'

Moreskal says 'And ask them to oath?'

Moreskal peers at you intently.

You say 'Take the Heralds and the mystics for instance.'

Moreskal says 'To... swear allegiance?'

You say 'I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they mean no harm to Valour.'

Ona beams broadly!

Mkatos says 'You might not be correct, there...'

Mkatos says 'The Heralds can sometimes get...too close.'

You say 'Until one of them breaks the trust...'

You say 'And in situations like that we would not hold the broken trust of one against others.'

Mkatos says 'I have resolved not to have a Herald represent the Legion until I can find one who can see the truth I offer and not rush towards it.'
Mkatos says 'That was impossible for Lauranne...'

Mkatos sighs.

Mkatos says 'She had such potential.'

You say 'Ona here, represents the Knights, and has done such a wonderful job.'

Ona ponders.

You dazzle Ona with your smile.

Ona says 'You give me too much credit, sir Rondak!'

You say 'I have yet found a suitable mystic.'

You say 'Yet to find rather.'

Moreskal says 'Rondak... You did not speak. You would slay an evil... who was not a Herald, Nor Mystic, that did not oath, without hesitation. Yes?'

Moreskal peers at you intently.

You say 'Only one who had proven he meant valour harm.'You say 'I never try to kill someone just for the colors they wear.'

Mkatos says 'Those who fight under you believe that refusing to oath is proof enough.'

Moreskal nods at Mkatos.

You say 'I have spoken many times, about trying hard to use words to convince before using force.'

You say 'One who truly refuses could only be refusing because they mean harm.'

You say 'It is that simple.'

Mkatos says 'It is never that simple.'

Mkatos says 'You offer nothing, while demanding that they promise away their freedoms.'

You say 'What are they promising away?'

You say 'The only promise that we ask with the oath.'

You say 'Is that you do not harm Valour or her citizens.'

You say 'What about that takes away freedoms?'

Mkatos raises an eyebrow.

Mkatos says 'Valourian citizens are not always so noble as they claim.'

You say 'Yet the Oath is simple.'

You say 'If you were to take the oath.'

You say 'And I were to attack you.'

You say 'I Would be exiled from Valour, and become Anathema myself.'

You say 'That is the protection the oath offers from Valours citizens.'

Mkatos says 'And if you did not attack me, but harmed me in other ways?'

Solarius says 'I have suggested that.'
Mkatos says 'If a person is no harm to Valour, they need not take the oath.'

You say 'Such as?'

You say 'There are situations where that will work, but in most cases it is not enough.'

Mkatos says 'Why is that?'

You say 'The heralds and the mystics... I do not ask them to oath because I know they do not battle unless attacked and harbor us no true ill will.'

You say 'Valour was at peace until the betrayal.'

You say 'Valour tried your way at the start and it did not work.'

You say 'Those actions forced our hand.'

Luranita walks in.
A brown-banded hunting hawk flies in.
A stone golem walks in.
A flesh golem walks in.

You tip your hat to Luranita.

Mkatos says 'And what about Vella?'

You say 'I have never harmed Vella directly.'

Mkatos says 'And yet that is an exception you make.'

Mkatos says 'She is no Herald, no Mystic, and unoathed.'

Mkatos says 'Your doctrine mandates that you kill her.'

You say 'I knew Vella.'

Solarius thinks long and hard about the issue.

You say 'And she has never tried to deliberately harm Valour. '
[KNIGHT] (Noble) Vyrus: 'Not quite yet, I need one last thing.'

You say 'She was a part of a sad situation.'

Mkatos says 'Vella's situation is anything but sad.'

Mkatos says 'She is safe, now.'

You say 'Yeah? '

You say 'And when Gaelyn is gone?'

Mkatos says 'She is still safe.'

You shake your head.

You say 'Heralds tell of that tale. '

Mkatos says 'The Legion protects her, and those who fear or respect the Legion accord her that same respect.'

Mkatos says 'Are those those who would harm her? Of course.'

Mkatos says 'Yet she is far safer with us than with the Knights.'

You say 'The deal that was made was that her immortality would last only as long as Gaelyn lived.'

Mkatos says 'That is true, Rondak.'

You say 'Bound her fate to one who would very much be mortal by his actions.'

You tip your hat to Fynth.

You say 'Fynth.'

Fynth's eyes bulge as he rolls his head in a circle.

Mkatos says 'Vella herself does not wish to live long without her brother.'

You say 'That in itself is sad.'

Mkatos raises an eyebrow.

Mkatos says 'Their love is sad?'

You say 'They had so much going for them.'

You say 'And that because one became twisted by lies, the other was bound by the choice...'

You shake your head.

Mkatos says 'Vella was not dragged into anything.'

Mkatos says 'Gaelyn saw that only with me could he protect Vella.'

You say 'You know I knew something was wrong before it happened?'

Mkatos says 'Nobody tore Vella from Myria. She saw the lies that had been fed to her in Valour.'

Mkatos raises an eyebrow.

You say 'I could tell by their actions that not all was right.'

Mkatos says 'Perhaps you noticed that their eyes were more open, their ears listening harder...'

You say 'I just wish I had of put my finger on it before hand. '

You say 'Maybe I could of prevented it.'

You shake your head in dismay.

Players near you in Seringale:
Fynth Temple Square
Luranita Temple Square
Ona Temple Square
Zilvintra Temple Square
Rondak Temple Square
Mkatos Temple Square
Moreskal South of Market Square
Cenawyn South of Market Square
Solarius Temple Square

Solarius says 'Quite the crowd you two have drawn.'

You say 'What would you expect?'

Solarius says 'Nothing less.'

You say 'It is an oddity that the leader of Knight and Legion would draw together to speak rather then do battle.'

Mkatos says 'My Legion is nothing less than an oddity, extrapolating from the past.'

Solarius says 'All wish to know what will happen between the two most powerful cities in Thera.'

You say 'Yet there are times for words.'

Mkatos says 'I am not my predecessors.'

You say 'Yet you still repeat their decisions.'

You say 'Sure you have made changes.'

Mkatos raises an eyebrow.

You say 'Sugar coated it.'

You say 'But an apple is still an apple.'

Mkatos says 'I have removed the cost of protection.'

You say 'We never charged for the oath.'

Mkatos says 'That, your last argument distinguishing the Legion from the Knights.'

Vyrus says 'There is still a price for protection.'

You nod in enthusiastic agreement with Vyrus.

Mkatos says 'No more than the oath, Vyrus.'

Mkatos says 'And the benefits are far greater.'

You shake your head.

You say 'There are no real benefits.'

Vyrus says 'We do not strip people of their armor for our own personal gain.'

Mkatos says 'No, describing our two organizations to an outsider they would be difficult to distinguish.'

Mkatos says 'Vyrus, I have never demanded a tribute from one under my protection.'

You say 'You mimic, to try and make it more appealing.'

Solarius says 'The Light and the Darkness are not so different. They are both forces with equal intent.'

You frown at what he did.

Mkatos says 'I freely admit that those of the darkness often hide aggressive, bloody beasts wwithin.'

Mkatos says 'You cannot suppress those murderous ones.'

Mkatos says 'I can.'

You shake your head.

You say 'You do little to suppress.'

Mkatos says 'That is where we differ: I have the ability to bring peace, while you have only the hope.'

Fynth tells you 'Ith now not the time to cut the head?'

You say 'It is a mirage.'

You tell Fynth 'What did you have in mind?'

Fynth tells you 'You have the meanth to draw him to battle.'

Ona gestures at the fresh food, curtseying 'Please eat, if you are hungry.'

You tell Fynth 'And your role?'

Fynth tells you 'Him and hith goonth prey on the weak and take our fitht when we are not here.'

You tell Fynth 'You make your point well. You will collar zilvintra?'

Fynth tells you 'I will do what I can ath long ath the fight thtayth out of my thitieth.'

You tell Fynth 'Then I will see you in Darkhaven.'

Solarius says 'It is my understanding that the product of the Light and the Darkness is Shadow...A gray area where we might find peace, no?'

You stand up.

Solarius peers intently at Mkatos.

You mount a brass Asc'Liena stallion.

Mkatos thinks long and hard about the issue.

Mkatos says 'It is not so simple...'

You say 'This conversation is really not getting us anywhere. '

Solarius thinks long and hard about the issue.

Mkatos says 'Yet we must cease to characterize mortals as dark, or light...'

Mkatos says 'There is darkness and light within every soul.'

You say 'Now is the time for battle.'

You tip your hat to Mkatos.

Mkatos tells you 'I have no time to battle, now.'

<1095/1095hp 483/483m 363/399mv 22410tnl 74g day no opponent no opponent calm> w
[ Avian ] [KEEPER] Azauri the Battlemaster
[ Duerg ] [JUSTICE] Fynth the Battlemaster, Commander of Justice
[ Human ] Luranita the Queen of Devils, Advisor of Justice
[ Elf ] Vyrus Starfire the Mystical
[ Elf ] Ona Galanodel the Water Sprite, Herald of Valour
[ Drow ] [JUSTICE] (ANATHEMA) Zilvintra Diryztrr the Mistress of the Miyama Ryu, Lieutenant of Justice
[ Half ] [A] Ranz the Minstrel, Squire of Rondak
[50 Dwarf Ber] [KNIGHT] (Executor) Rondak the Volcano of Infinite Rage, Executor of Valour
[ Human ] Moreskal the Enchanter
[ Human ] Cenawyn the Enchantress
[ Human ] Solarius the Shapeshifter, Exalted of Valour
[ Dwarf ] [A] Thuf the Rejuvenator, Squire of Euriah
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  1. noop Mkatos and Rondak RP log. -
    great RP from both of you....

    rondak i do hope the imms give you an opportunity to extend your life.

    mkatos, its a shame most of your RP is limited to within legion and a select few others. i do hope that there are not significant changes coming to AR that involve your selective RP...
  2. Rondak Mkatos and Rondak RP log. -
    I could gain 10 lives right now through quest points if I wanted to. I think I would rather let Rondak condie and move on to a character I can actually pk with decently. Depends on what happens whether I use the guild conquest or not.