Im on a boat

posted on 2013-10-24 05:42:27
North Square [Room 4420] (72 city) no_teleportin town landmark
+ | You are at the North Square of Seringale. It is peaceful
| | and quiet here. The square is a large opening space surrounded
o-+ | by grand buildings made by fanciful stonework. You see the
| | Main Street to the north and the south and the North Road
+-+-@-+-+| to the east and the west. A small tuft of grass pokes
| | | up defiantly in the middle of the square. A set of dents
S-+ F | shaped curiously like one's rear end has been well-worn into
| | the paving stones here.
+ |

[Exits: north east south west]
A large pink sailboat sits here, crooked.
(Glowing) (Humming) A brass finger post stands here.
A seagull stares at you curiously.
A vicious hammerhead shark swims around the waters.
A great white shark glides smoothly through the water.
(Charmed) A brown-banded hunting hawk is here, ready to hunt with its master.
Thodun the Battlemaster is here.
(Charmed) A dalmatian is here, striding by its master.
Crisbin the Master Bard is standing in a large pink sailboat.
(Translucent) Solarius is sitting in a large pink sailboat.

  1. bah Im on a boat -
    and now im on a horse - said no Knight ever sadly