Invokation hacked

posted on 2013-10-22 00:45:08
FYI, has been hacked and all passwords potentially leaked. If you use the same password on Invokation that you use for anything else, change that password.

Assume that people WILL log onto your characters in-game if you have shared your in-game password with your Invokation account.

This is NOT a joke
  1. bahkaur Invokation hacked -
  2. bah Invokation hacked -
    no credits? :/
  3. nycticora Invokation hacked -
    thanks obama
  4. TSbirdman Invokation hacked -
    Is this why AR is down this morning?
  5. noop Invokation hacked -
    i would hope invokation is not saving unencrypted passwords. salted hash at min...sigh...noobs
  6. Rondak Invokation hacked -
    Apparently it is. My character got hacked because of it. Luckily I was restored and taken care of.