posted on 2013-10-18 21:33:39
fix that shit
  1. faelon SERVER FROZE -
    How long has it been down?
  2. iolo SERVER FROZE -
    Its down for me right now, 7:30pm PST on Friday night. Sorry I do not have more details.
  3. retard SERVER FROZE -
    Out of my control, I think, I tried what I have the ability to try.
  4. iolo SERVER FROZE -
    And I was going to get all surgey :(
  5. noop SERVER FROZE -
    what the shit. its been down for over 12 hours now. even on wolfpaw it was never this bad...
  6. nycticora SERVER FROZE -
    it is some sort of DNS issue with the hosting provider, and they are having some kind of messed up problem. I bothered them about it and they said the problem is minor and is being worked on presently.

    no apostrophes >:[
  7. Nadrin SERVER FROZE -
    As of three-four hours ago it was back up :D