Fear the fowl powers

posted on 2013-10-14 22:49:21

Rondak says 'It rends me inside to know that I must fight you in numbers to even stand a chance against your fowl powers.'

Solarius's protective shield dissipates.

Solarius utters the words, 'sfainfrauzz gpuzre'.

Rondak says 'But I will do my duty.'

Rondak says 'To my dying day.'

Rondak says 'And you WILL be brought down.'

esay 'mutters under his breath' fowl powers...
Mkatos mutters under his breath 'Fowl powers...'

I don't understand that.

emo clucks softly.
Mkatos clucks softly.

Rondak says 'There can be no peace under the darkness.'

Rondak peers around himself intently.

Vella smiles happily.

Solarius says 'The High Mistress has fowl powers. I have experienced them myself.'

Rondak yells 'Help! someone is attacking me!'
Rondak sprouts feathers and starts clucking.

An Immortal says 'Fowl powers.'
  1. Rondak Fear the fowl powers -
    Thats what you get for trying to rp... lol
  2. kushtok Fear the fowl powers -
    wait was this a joke or did you mean foul?
  3. Rondak Fear the fowl powers -
    I meant foul. the U and the W are on opposite sides of the keyboard. I honestly do not comprehend how I pulled that off... lol.