Some crazy inductions rates.

posted on 2013-04-10 03:50:21
al contours become distorted.

<407hp 550m 410mv> gist
who p
ilsp min
You lost your concentration.

<407hp 540m 410mv> [39 Illit Ill] (JUGGERNAUT) [LEGION] Gravvax the Master of Beguilement
[35 Illit Ill] Wumslorg Fivithssis the Master Surrealist
Players found: 2
There are 7 characters on; the most on since startup was 13.

<407hp 540m 410mv> You send an illusionary spectre into the battle!
A spectre materializes from the shadows!
The High Minotaur Guard is in excellent cond
  1. bah Some crazy inductions rates. -
    butthurt coz u cant get in?
  2. Wumslorg Some crazy inductions rates. -
    always around to lighten the mood bah. thats why I like you. ;)
  3. Chandran Some crazy inductions rates. -
    31 hours played no back ground, probably a solid candidate. Legion also inducted a lvl 27 bard, hasn't been seen in a while. Another good choice...
  4. dremil Some crazy inductions rates. -
    I'm pretty sure you can't even post an application anymore without a background... backgrounds are private until you hit the graveyard. (except to immortals)
  5. Chandran Some crazy inductions rates. -
    not true, check other cabal members their backgrounds are available
  6. Etelaan Some crazy inductions rates. -
    I thought it was a l27 ninja. l39 illithid is also below the mark. Insta-inductions on whimsy.
  7. dremil Some crazy inductions rates. -
    All I can tell you is I couldn't post an application when I applied before I'd written my background.
  8. Nadrin Some crazy inductions rates. -
    You can't apply without a DESCRIPTION approved. Background has nothing to do with it. I have seen several cabal members without backgrounds till the last possible moment, although Backgrounds do NOT show up until they are approved by an immortal so you could type one and have it never show up if an imm never checks it.
  9. dremil Some crazy inductions rates. -
    Nadrin... as I understand it the last application you posted (per what you've said) was Kurlson. I'm telling you it's changed since then. Not making this up.
  10. Nadrin Some crazy inductions rates. -
    lol, Kurlson was definatly not my last application. There have been two quite recently, and on both counts my background had not been approved when I applied. One of them was AFTER Dremil was inducted into Justice... so... yeah.
  11. dremil Some crazy inductions rates. -
    approved or written? I literally couldn't submit an application without it done.
  12. Nadrin Some crazy inductions rates. -
    Had not been approved. When I decide I want to roll a Cabal Character I write the desc and background while the character is rolling. They get keyed in at level 1. They implimented the note approval thing a year or two ago when we had someone created characters and spamming notes to everyone about playing other muds. They made it so you could not write notes IE applications or anything without an approved description. Then it became a problem and they gave coteries the ability to commend descriptions, so that if an immortal was not available the coterie member could. More recently they implimented a system where you get a note and immortal gets a note when a desc is commended so that people can be tracked for commending bad descriptions.