Denied for no reason?

posted on 2012-12-10 14:26:58
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By what name do you wish to be remembered? Pharisee
You are denied access.
Disconnected from host

Anyone know anything about that?
  1. joshuff Denied for no reason? -
    I guess it would just make sense to get some sort of communication from the imms. If they were going to just deny me outright, it had better be for something pretty damn serious. Like Multi-ing, or trying to hack the server or something.
  2. Nadrin Denied for no reason? -
    Are you admitting to Multying, or trying to hack the server then?
  3. kapruski Denied for no reason? -
    That is such a god damn retarded illogical leap, nadrin.

    Possible reasons for deny:

    Character was't used for a while. Logged in from another site. IP's can tend to cycle dynamically, due to wanting decreasing overhead costs for Service providers.

    You shared it with someone. Having another person log into it, just to keep your character from getting inactive deleted, is still against the rules.

    You made a name that is basically like putting in "Jew" or "black guy". There is a zero tolerance in effect, especially after the debacle over that dwarf Justice who lynched gays. If it's identifying of a person in real life to something they cant change, or that society says we shouldn't hate a person for, you can't use it as RP. The name isn't even RP, so it looks worse.

  4. oxyl Denied for no reason? -
    You were also a perpetual OOC talker and swore like a motherfucker. That's not RP, its garbage.
  5. tiqa Denied for no reason? -
    @ Pharisee - I agree, makes no sense. The imms here are totally fair and open. Must be a computer glitch, I cannot see them denying you without hearing you out or telling you what you did wrong.

    @ Kapruski - this character was totally current and active. Bad choice of name given your google findings but who would have known - maybe it was deliberate, maybe from a random fantasy name generator - if the name was the problem he at least should have been given the benefit of the doubt and told what it meant and given the opportunity to change it.

    @ Oxyl - that is your impression. I came across this character many times and NEVER heard any swearing or OOC talk.
  6. tiqa Denied for no reason? -

    Anyway, Oxyl even if he did do OOC talk, that would be no reason to deny him without telling him why he was being denied.

    I liked this character. He has spirit. He sure liked his equipment!
  7. tiqa Denied for no reason? -
    Ok, sorry. pretty much ignore what I wrote. I was thinking about it and if the user name is Joshuff (Joseph) and the character name is a Jewish slurr, that seems deliberate and so disrespectful. I think now he was told and just came to this forum to milk it a bit more. Go play somewhere else Joshuff.
  8. Nadrin Denied for no reason? -
    Title: Denied for no reason?
    Date: 10/12/2012
    User: joshuff
    Reply: I guess it would just make sense to get some sort of communication from the imms. If they were going to just deny me outright, it had better be for something pretty damn serious. Like Multi-ing, or trying to hack the server or something.

    Now in light of that post, it is clearly logical that he could be guilty of one of those. If I were to be denied and not told why of course I would want to know why, but I would not say it had better be for doing this, or doing this, unless I had possibly tried to do one or both of those. Obviously the imm staff is not going to deny a character for multying if you were not multying, or trying to hack the server, if you weren't doing something that made it seem like you were trying to hack the server? Why even say that? Not that I care in the slightest nor made any claims that he did these things, I simply asked if he was admitting his guilt.
  9. fharino Denied for no reason? -
    everytime I have been banned slayed denied, it has always come with an explanation, never have i been caught doing something without being disciplined at the time. What probably happened is the whole honor complaint system. This guy probably got a bunch of complaints from people so they denied the char. Or whats likely is an imm was playing a mort and this guy might have said something terrible to the guy.
  10. Nadrin Denied for no reason? -
    LOL, I have been denied without being given an explination. Was my first justice, Karalinso, waaaaaaay back when. I had my knight Lorrin and I wanted to try and meet with kavere at the time, so I told Kavere to stay online that a Knight would be showing up shortly. Totally lucked out that I didnt get BOTH characters denied.

    I was also booted from a Cabal without being given an explination and then when I demanded an explination and threw a fit, Dav popped down and said fine you want to waste my time we will do this right. Slayed me, ate my gear and THEN explained it, even if I still do not agree with the reason but that is neither here nor there, I understand dav's perspective and his reasons. Fharino is probably right. He likely got complained on and the imm acted when he wasn't online to talk to him about, or he acted that way TO an imm.
  11. Beljia Denied for no reason? -
    Pharisee seemed to do things OOC to me, he reminded me a bit of some of the NPCs from the Mardek series that talked about role-playing, or some other stuff when it's clearly OOC.

    I'll admit I got frustrated with this guy, especially when he reacted poorly to a question I asked him.

    But let's face it, they can deny whoever they please and not require an explanation. I can compare this with my relative ability to enforce the rules in the tavern (though that's kinda hard to do without a bouncer to throw troublemakers out, which is besides the point.). The last rule of the tavern (at least in the past) state(s/d) that the management reserves the right to bar anyone, at any time, without any explanation or reason. (Something like that.)
  12. raknar Denied for no reason? -
    this must be the guy who complained how small the map is and how much the coders suck, every word was out of roleplay. tryed to help him out but couldnt cause he went to ooc
  13. jcapsom jcapsom -

    Like someone deserves a justification as to why they are an immature goof. This is too petty an issue for the IMMS to even deal with or respond.

    If you have the creativity of a robot and dont understand the fantasy - escape concept -- get the hell out of the game.

    We have already wasted enough air on this tard. Let the coders and Imms be and dont bother them with such trivial issues.

    Now bring Pip back by introducing a new class: samurai or witch -- Iceydepths liek code base
  14. goatwhore humbug -
    more like warlords, assassins, druids, psi, monks. i could sit down and in 2 hours could write a full skill/spell list for an PSI that wouldn't make them suck a dumb class. that would make me come back, and prob the rest of the ppl i knew who left.
  15. Nadrin Denied for no reason? -
    I don't have a character right now and absolutly no desire to make something that I have already played and pked with at 50. I would come back for a new class!
  16. ergorion Denied for no reason? -
    Two words:

    neutral hybrid
  17. Nadrin Denied for no reason? -
    Druid would be something I would gladly play. i would probably make one for keepers initially. Would be highly interesting. As it is, Bards are the neutral hybrid.
  18. ergorion Denied for no reason? -
    I view bards more as a neutral rogue-brid. Plus, they can't join Keepers.
  19. grunchel whips... -
    I'd come back if they hired a dominatrix to play. The kind that uses whips, not the kind that wants to be the man in the relationship. I think we should start a pool to hire one...wonder how much it cost.
  20. Frostburns Denied for no reason? -
    I'd love to play a monk, not for PKing purposes but because I'd get a kick out of RPing one, especially a good-align.

    But to get back to the point, QUIT THE BANTER, PEOPLE!