IS AR down?

posted on 2012-10-26 00:28:16
... But there was time now...
  1. fharino IS AR down? -
    anyone have an update maybe from ar chat i can't get that quake thing to work
  2. Dorimos IS AR down? -
    its down something went wrong with some halloween stuff
  3. fharino IS AR down? -
    thanks any time frame on when it will be back up?
  4. Dorimos IS AR down? -
    that part I have no idea
  5. Beljia IS AR down? -
    So much for going on to write a note.
  6. crossdrive IS AR down? -
    Perfect timing! Yingka will live to die another die ;)
  7. iolo IS AR down? -
    It is up for me as of 7:20pm PST.