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posted on 2012-09-09 17:53:29

1031hp 358m 312mv 41106tnl 3287g day river --- no opponent -- no opponent --- aggressive
Ikroma +++ ASSASSINATES +++ you!

You have been KILLED!!

yep, two hours of fighting followed by this.

thats right, the class that gets a superb amount of tricks already

blinddust (which lands regardless of how much saves you have)
incredible dirt kick (6 rounds)
poisondust (underrated)
caltraps, nerve, and of course the leet rogue skills.

all boiled down to them still having the most ridiculous fucking skill... assassinate
  1. Etelann Untitled log -
    I hear ya Akroma. It's a luck skill, just like cleave was for Dks. Fail, run, repeat.

    The corollary of that is that a failed assassinate leaves them wide open.
  2. deadzero Untitled log -
    actually, it really doesn't leave them open. you can hobble (assuming you have combat advantage and have to switch, that takes time) but the have a high chance of not stumbling when fleeing. you can bodyslam/bash, but those are terribly unreliable at best against a rogue. you can... well thats about it as a giant warrior class.
  3. deadzero Untitled log -
    hit post too early.

    They will probably just switch and stay in battle to dirt/dust you anyway, so they don't lose too terribly much when an assassinate fails. or they will wait in battle for you to miss a bash/trip/bodyslam (likely) and hobble will wear off.
  4. Etelann Untitled log -
    I thought the lag on assassinate was like 2.5 or 3. Mistaken.

    Ikroma, are you using foreign weapon types against him? polearm/axe/whip(or flail depending on sex)/mace?
  5. Etelann Untitled log -
    I dunno about hobble. Never really liked it. If you want it to last longer, you need to hit it multiple times, which means you want to hit them with it, then hit them again if they didn't flee because they worry about hobble. It's kind of a dead end skill in that you resort to spamming if they don't want to fall over.

    The opposite of that is when hobble had full duration, damage, and dex loss on a single hit. That was too harsh which is why it was changed.

    I feel the problem is that the damage on the special rogue skills are too strong, in relation to the additional effects. dismembers through sanc AND disarm.

    Damage from combat module skills should be toned down across the board imo. Make it so that being disadvantaged may allow people to use those skills, but you still would want a foreign weapon to do more damage even at disadvantage, and then the weapon and style skills merely close the gap with how close the fight will be at the end.


    Dav comments would be more important if clobber and sidestep and uncanny weren't so uber. Nuke + dirt. Nuke + trip. Nuke + disarm. ugh.
  6. xenyar Untitled log -
    Pretty sure I've talked about all this before. But, I've always thought ninjas bag of tricks has the best and most variety. Blindness dust is just unnecessary, and I question whether or not mal saves are working properly and actually check against it. Getting a free trip after their highest damage skill(sidestep) is excessive. Clobber, excessive as well. Damage, lags opponent, disarms, dirt kicks, all in one skill?
    Not to mention assassinate....
  7. Etelann Untitled log -
    yeah. the original basis of balance was that if someone made a mistake or missed a skill or spell, you could capitalize on that in some way with a flee murder, a bash, or a flee cast.

    All inputs were limited to a single skill used at one time. The combat module allowed the use of multiple skills in a single command.
  8. Nadrin Untitled log -
    In my time with Taelrask I landed two assasinates. I fought dozens and dozens of fights with him. It's balanced. Mal saves DO work if you wear them. Tried and proved, with the weapon changes, warriors and berserkers can instantly switch to superior status who cares about Neutral stance temporarily and land the hobble. Hobble stops their skills from landing and is very important as it hurts dodge as well. Other classes have other ways of dealing with them. Several of the skills can't be used while blinded, and or hobbled.
  9. Etelann Untitled log -
    so classes without the blind spell or hobble are SOL?