posted on 2012-09-07 16:24:53
You are affected by the following:
Spell: invisibility : lasts for 25 hours
Spell: flesh golem : lasts for 5 hours
Spell: detect invis : lasts for 6 hours
Spell: armor : modifies ac by -20 for 3 hours

<183hp-65% 536m-100% 244mv>
Gorvik's charge attack === OBLITERATES === you!
You have been KILLED!!

You turn into an invincible ghost for a few minutes.
As long as you don't attack anything.

<1hp-0% 1m-0% 244mv> gr
Aquome's group:
[26 Nec] Aquome 0% hp 0% mana 97% mv 10497 tnl

<1hp-0% 1m-0% 244mv>

He's level 25. I keep fighting this guy and even when we fight and he has no sanctuary and I do, he simply outdamages me and my golem. Even when spelled up (including plage). What do I do?
  1. shadok wtf... -
    Keep ward up.

    Don't sleep in highly traveled spots (if you were asleep).

    Rank up so you can get zombies.
  2. beia wtf... -
    I asked you to stop so I could log off...
  3. kapruski wtf... -
    Imagine a line graph showing all the classes and their relative power to each other. paladins, dks, fighters, and to a lesser extent rogues and invokers, all rise quickly, necros and illus not so much. When necros get their golem, and illus get their first dupe, there's a reasonable spike in their powers, but by then the other classes have gone up further due to a larger skillset pool (fourth attacks and dual parries and whatnot), and in the case of fighters much higher hp, and in the case of hybrids the gravy spells like sanc and unholy strength.

    As far as this fight goes, check out the AR page for paladins and their skills. They can cure blindness and plague by 25. he cant cure poison til the next rank, so you might try that. Poison is variable though. Sometimes you hit them and land 2-2 and sometimes its 5-5. poison does get better as you rank up.

    It's a lot easier to find saves gear than find quality hp gear at your rank. so grab -20-30 saves pretty easily and turn those wraths into grazes, with no chance for cursing you. flamestrike will also fail badly, so you wont get blinded. weapon ward will stop charges, and then you have a much more level playing field. Once you've got that covered, grab 8-10 purples and some vials. Hit him when hes not wearing sanc, and flee if he does use sanc and wait it out til it falls then hit him again. Make sure you keep your own sanc up.

    You can weaken him early in the fight since paladins can only get giant strength from other players. If it lands, do as above. If it doesn't flee and hide to recuperate.
  4. beia wtf... -
    Also when someone kills you once, spares 90% of your things, then says they have to depart the realms, recalls, sleeps waiting to be calm to hit quit, you should not come and try to pk them.. Thats why you got looted this time. I hardly ever ever loot people. I like to get my stuff the hard way, or not have anything at all. This was the first time I resorted to loot/sac because I was so pissed and I had to log off like 20 mins before this happened.
  5. kapruski wtf... -
    I dont think anyone believes you beia. You have a reputation.
  6. beia wtf... -
    A reputation? I just got back into this game not even a week ago. I have played a total of maybe 200 hours on all my toons in the past 6 years..
  7. xenyar wtf... -
    Its always nice to see players come back. Glad you decided to return.
  8. Vertas wtf... -
  9. kapruski wtf... -
    I remember your shenanigans beia
  10. Nadrin wtf... -
    Do tell...
  11. Etelann wtf... -
  12. Etelann wtf... -
  13. beia wtf... -
    lol look at the dates on those dude. Your funny.
  14. Etelann wtf... -
    beia. You broke rules before, and then did it again just recently and got outlaw. You're a six year player, you should know by now that attacking as lawful in seringale is a no no for your ethos. You've "come back" five or six times so you're not some newbie.