Oh really beia?

posted on 2012-09-06 21:17:18
How about the healer casting fly spell on the paladin? Or the healer admitting to leading them in pk.

Tordento tells you 'Etelann you could not escape me let alone catch me.'

Tordento tells you 'You think the dwarf was leading.'

<356hp 243m 167mv>
Tordento tells you 'Thats a joke.'

<356hp 243m 167mv> who
[ Duerg ] Kagin the Sneak
[ Storm ] Ruryk the Enlightened, Squire of Ikroma
[29 Human Inv] Etelann Fireblood the Theurgist
[ Elf ] Tordento the Apprentice Healer
[ Avian ] Zynidd the Pick-Pocket
[ H-Elf ] Gorvik the Paladin Knight
[ H-Elf ] [KNIGHT] Ikroma the Mistress of the Miyama Ryu, Champion of Valour
[ Avian ] Gracco the 3rd Black
Players found: 8
There are 8 characters on; the most on since startup was 14.

<356hp 243m 167mv> reply a dwarf?
You tell Tordento 'A dwarf?'

Tordento tells you 'Forgive me, i ment to say half-elf.'

<357hp 231m 114mv> reply you dont even attack
You tell Tordento 'You dont even attack.'

<363hp 256m 147mv> reply and blab about tracking
You tell Tordento 'And blab about tracking.'

After breaking two rules, full looting someone who took 3 things from Gorvik. Stay classy, brah.

It is not permitted to assist in PKs from outside of the victim's PK
range. Helping someone before or during a PK out of harm's range is unfair
to the victim and punishable by the game rules. You may ONLY assist an
attacked groupmate's escape or survival of a PK attempt upon them. You may
NOT continue to assist them if they decide to become the hunter.

Examples of what is allowed:
-prolonging an attacked groupmate with heals and armors
-opening a door for an attacked groupmate to flee
-leading an attacked groupmate away from battle

Examples of what is illegal:
-spelling up people before they attempt to PK someone out of your range
-closing doors upon people outside of your PK range
-leading around others to PK people outside of your PK range
  1. fharino Oh really beia? -
    anyone else have a hard time with the name beia I keep thinking that this is the dk herald bugs the hell out of me.
  2. beia Oh really beia? -
    That is funny.
  3. Beljia Oh really beia? -
    Beia isn't me, though our names are similar. He's probably been around a lot longer than me, I've chosen to generally not post on invokation, haven't posted on the main forums as of yet.

    And my name is Beljia of course. Kind of like Belgian waffles or Belgian pretzels. (I want to note that I had not intended for my name to be so close to anything, and that I'm not from Belgium.)
  4. Eldroc Oh really beia? -
    Haha, I saw an Eldric...Since I'm not on often it would be just a big coinsidence. Though Eldric reminds me of old school Dragon Warrior.
  5. fharino Oh really beia? -
    I know u guys aren't the same it just bugs me when two people have such similar names.