is ar down?

posted on 2012-09-02 08:19:58
its saying connection refused is ar down or something?
  1. beia is ar down? -
    Yeah doing the same for me.
  2. cryith is ar down? -
    wish it was back up already, I'm bored as fuck lol
  3. beia is ar down? -
    Yeah this is dumb. Wonder whats going on.
  4. kapruski is ar down? -
    Afaik, connection refused means AR is up, but they want to keep people out of it while they do something.
    There have been a few crashes recently, one which killed my guild reward and set me back a couple thousand XP, lol.
  5. bladefurry is ar down? -
    seems like the populations getting bigger! im kinda excited about this! least for the last few days have been many people on just need to help the noobs out and teach them so we can continue to grow! Mystics need to get on their high horse do work!