Graulog gets owned

posted on 2012-08-23 02:12:45
Fuck ninjas. Seriously.

Bakoro steps out of the shadows.
A fiery dagger slits your throat.

Bakoro +++ ASSASSINATES +++ you!

You have been KILLED!!

You turn into an invincible ghost for a few minutes.
As long as you don't attack anything.
  1. iolo Graulog gets owned -
    I think Paladins should have assassinate. :)
  2. ergorion Graulog gets owned -
    They do Iolo. It's called stake and it only works for one class. :)
  3. Beljia Graulog gets owned -
    I've seen Bakoro, all he does is naked assassinations, and posts them here. He doesn't post time time he tried to do it to one of the Legions repeatedly, and whichever one of the two (Ikaork, Graulog, both of which were on) killing him after each failed attempt.
  4. kapruski Graulog gets owned -
    I want to see more assassinates Bakoro. Keep up the good work.
  5. veruliane Graulog gets owned -
    I don't know if ninja's can still wield a staff but I used to like assassinates with the staff...Something about crushing the side of their head.