Valox vs Fharino-The Truth

posted on 2012-08-01 05:28:38
I cant help myself but to post this. I'm not posting everything. so I will show you the end of the two fights tonight. Yes, you 'almost' got me a few times throughout all of our fights. Big deal.

---End of first fight.------

<532hp 655m 446mv>
Your drowning DISMEMBERS Fharino!
Your drowning DISMEMBERS Fharino!
Your drowning DISEMBOWELS Fharino!
Fharino is stunned, but will probably recover.
A wild boar's charge decimates Fharino!
Fharino is DEAD!!
You have fulfilled a contract. A bounty of 28524 gold has been added to your bank

Fharino's fangs are extracted from his head.

After giving him 45 minutes to regain his wares, and wait for him to make an attempt on gaining his cabal item. this is the
-----end of fight two.-----
<474hp 610m 541mv>
Your drowning maims Fharino!
Fharino is DEAD!!
Fharino's foot is ripped from his leg.

Not once did he make an attempt at retrieving his cabal item.
By the way, I believe that is 6-0 now. Before you get on here flaming me, yes 2 of the kills were when you were rank 44. 1 at rank 49, and 3 and rank 50. Just for the record. I enjoy our fights, and I have no bitching or whining to say about you. I will however give you some advice. Quit running your mouth, and quit posting things the way you want everybody to see them.
  1. fharino Valox vs Fharino-The Truth -
    ur an idiot, I said that I died to you twice already in the log, the two deaths were not even close and really not interesting. Your luck to prevent death is crazy, as to not attempting to get my item. The moment I log on you attacked me and killed me pretty easy I said that in the previous log. I regained all my items, they day I died 5 times trying to retrieve because graulog and ikarok kept ganking me an immortal said well why not wait it out take your time. So that is what I did, I got everything I needed, I fought graulog on my way to my cabal, he ran off. Got more purples you were there and attacked me on sight. Had I been able to finish you, then I could have gotten my item. But hey you got lucky twice and I got unlucky twice thats they way the rng rolls some times. But regardless I need a break for a bit, been playing way too much.
  2. ceridwel Valox vs Fharino-The Truth -
    You two guys need to hug it out or something.