AR domain expired??

posted on 2012-02-28 13:10:41
It looks like the game is down and the domain for the website expired yesterday. That's a bad thing, methinks. If money is needed, perhaps we can take up a donation?
  1. cryith AR domain expired?? -
    game aint down and the site is still up all I got to say is stop doing drugs
  2. morgit AR domain expired?? -
    Damn, they must be really good drugs, because I'm getting the godaddy expiration page every time I type in the address, and jmc just says connection established and sits there. I wish I could remember taking them. They must have cost me a lot...
  3. erlwith AR domain expired?? -
    I get the same msg
  4. Morgit AR domain expired?? -
    Sweet, maybe we both took the same thing together. Do you remember what it was Erlwith? Mescaline maybe?
  5. cryith AR domain expired?? -
    well i can log in, i can see the forums and the website
  6. morgit AR domain expired?? -
    Hmm... are you outside the US? Maybe that has something to do with it. Or maybe we didn't invite you to the blackout drug party. Time will tell.
  7. iolo AR domain expired?? -
    Darn. Well, I might actually get some shit done today.
  8. bah AR domain expired?? -
    Idk, works for me. Try "" instead as someone suggested on forums?
  9. Nadrin AR domain expired?? -
    Strange, Im getting it too.
  10. bah AR domain expired?? -
    Connecting to " 9000" instead of " 9000" works.
  11. morgit AR domain expired?? -
    that works to get to the home page, but clicking on any menu item leads to the same expired domain message. Also, the invokation link no longer leads to the forums like it did an hour or so ago.
  12. tyrzerz AR domain expired?? -
    yes use address 9000 to connect into game
  13. bah AR domain expired?? -
    If you want to see some link, such as:

    Just replace the "" part with ""

    Same for forums; use ""
  14. cryith AR domain expired?? -
    nope im in the usa
  15. morgit AR domain expired?? -
    That works. Thanks all