A few questions.

posted on 2011-09-21 07:41:06
I was wondering if we could perhaps add a few things to the site! Also would like some feedback about a few questions in game.

1. Could we perhaps have a section where people post there eq sets and all the bonus that come with such. Not just sets but just all there eq.

2. How does mastering your skills work, do you need to fight stuff your level or higher to get better at them?

3. How often do all the rares reset? Monthly or weekly?

4. How many times can you die overall?

Thank in advance and if this is not the right place to post sorry!
  1. cryith A few questions. -
    you can die an overall of 61 times unless you get lucky during a surge. (if you die while a surge is going on you have a chance of that death not taking away one of the 61 lives you have)

    You master skills by using them for defense like parry, shield block and so on those are best trained with something your own lvl or higher. Dirt and other active skills (the skills you have to type for them to work) you dont need to train on something equal or stronger but it helps.

    Rares I have no clue but I remember reading something Dav posted about it being monthly but not real sure.

    Look at the IDs section of this website not everything is here but most of the items in game are so you can see what each does.
  2. iolo A few questions. -
    Also, you should be posting these questions on the main AR website at abandonedrealms.com since there are specific forums there for newbies, etc.
  3. Stephen forum -
    yeah, goto: www.abandonedrealms.com/forum

    Lots of helpful people there to help.

    PS, rares recirculate by themselves these days, without having to wait for the monthly reset (or MUD crash).