Death of the realms? Part 2

posted on 2011-09-20 01:40:45
In the past log, I noted that it was 9:30 on a Monday evening. But, I know that I didn't specify the time in relation to everybody else, only in relation to myself. So, here's the system time as it was:

The system time is Tue Sep 20 01:30:00 2011

...Which is four hours ahead of my time, which is Eastern U.S. time.
  1. iolo Death of the realms? Part 2 -
    The only death towards the realms is fools like you who post logs like this that show an empty Thera and hold the general attitude that the game is dead. If you want more people to play, do something about it. There's lots you can do, just read the forums. C'mon man. If you had your wits about you you'd use a time like the one you post here to safely train, or re-equip, or gain gold. Or steal a cabal item. Or forge. Or pinnacle your pet. Or explore. Or, or, or.
  2. kalist Death of the realms? Part 2 -
    Earlier in the evening there was an awesome fight:



    Lorana (noble? I have no idea)

    That went on for half an hour, with Dhua fighting the Knights for a while likely before and after.

    AR is still the best game out there folks.
  3. Namehtnayr Death of the realms? Part 2 -
    I concur with Kalist!
  4. darshanzn Death of the realms? Part 2 -
    quit the negative talk..... I have severe back pain I will play when I am well.... And kick ass... The realms will repopulate.... This talk will hinder it....

    Give it time....