A meeting of the snobs of thera

posted on 2010-08-05 00:48:02
*Vevier's perspective - You all should vote for your favorite on the forum btw.*

Valicia says 'Might i hear your thoughts on the other poems?'
You say 'All of them, or just a few?'
Valicia says 'All if you please.'
You say 'But this won't be lecture!'
Valicia says 'Though i suspsect that all things said will be constructive so as not to insult any.'
You say 'I expect the rest of you to speak up too!'
Valicia says 'As you wish.'
Kaeralin says 'Alright.'
Kaleb says 'When have you known me not to voice my opinion, Mama?'
Then the voice of an angel sung,
You say 'Ode to the Warrior Poet...'
Valicia says to you 'Careful of that one.'
Valicia says 'He has a sweet tooth.'
Valicia says 'Pounces anything that moves.'
Kaleb says 'Only you.'
Kaleb says 'See.'
You say 'It is well written and rhymes well, but I find the repeated use of couplets...'
You say 'Oh, how do I say this, dearie?'
You say 'I wish they had mixed it up a little bit more.'
You say 'The actual gist of the poem is exemplary. '
Valicia says 'I agree, Even in use of couplets i like to see it broken into quatrains or such, having it jumbled together as if a prose paragraph is hard on the eye.'
You say 'At the least it was short enough.'
Valicia says 'But the content was very well done.'
Kaleb says 'Aye.'
Kaleb says 'And it seemed very well thought out.'
You say 'The Death of a Loved One...'
Finaeus says 'Poetry eh?'
Kaeralin says 'I rarely seem to see enough limericks, and I always like them. But writing five lines which rhyme in some way is tough.'
Vikka the serving girl says 'These will do.'
Vikka the serving girl says 'I'll see you in the morning?'
Kaeralin says 'Always beautiful to see a well written limerick, yet also very tough to make one.'
You say 'Loved one bothered my eye and mind, because I saw rhymes that were not true.'
Kaeralin says 'I see what you mean.'
You say 'The poem itself is heartfelt, but the almost rhymes distract me from it.'
Valicia says 'Yes, its lack of uniform rhyme bothered me as well.'
Finaeus says 'There once was a dwarf from the mines. Whose bedroom was littered with wines. He drank far too much, ate mutton and such, and passed out in a garden of vines.'
Valicia says 'I am aware that poetry need not rhyme to be poetry, but i don't find a proper rhythm in the words to counter the lack of rhyme.'
Finaeus says 'I knew I had it in me!'
Finaeus says 'Now, I'm off to practice staff. Be well!'
Valicia says 'Interesting.'
Valicia says 'I do love limericks when they are clever and run, but you have to watch the redundencies.'
Kaeralin says 'Indeed.'
You say 'It is hard to do right. '
Valicia says 'Now then, kaeralin and Kaleb, your thoughts on Death of a loved one?'
Kaeralin says 'I tend to like some combination of a two-three rhyme.'
Kaleb says 'Allow me my book please Kaeralin, so I may re read it.'
Kaeralin says 'The author expresses their thoughts well.'
Kaeralin says 'Vika.'
Kaeralin says 'Vikka.'
Vikka the serving girl says 'These will do.'
Vikka the serving girl says 'I'll see you this afternoon?'
Kaleb says 'It is very heartfelt, however it does not captivate me.'
Kaeralin says 'And perhaps that is most important, is that the writer expresses themselves.'
Kaleb says 'It does nothing to draw me in.'
Valicia says 'Now, Love of a Wanderer.'
Kaeralin says 'Even if it is not something I can relate to, the author has clearly expressed their emotion.'
Kaeralin says 'Aye.'
Kaleb says 'It speaks a good message, but why is the poet writing this, why are they putting this on parchment?'
You say 'Allow me a moment, dearie.'
You say 'I will return with muffins.'
**A short time later**
Kaleb says 'Muffin time.'
You say 'Oops!'
Valicia says 'She forgot the muffins.'
You say 'I have them!'
Kaeralin says 'Quite satisfying.'
Valicia says 'Now then, which poem were we on.'
Kaeralin says 'We moved to page 3.'
Kaleb says 'The love of a wanderer.'
Valicia says 'I felt like the internal rhymes mixed with the end rhymes were a bit hard to read.'
Valicia says 'And the story was very nice, but a bit personal and difficult for the average reader to understand.'
You say 'I had little trouble, dearie.'
Valicia says 'There is a metaphor in the bed and knife but it's a bit strange for me.'
Valicia says 'Personal thought.'
Kaleb says 'I think the poet is expressing his soul into the writting which is good, however the metaphor is a bit hard to understand.'
Dydric says 'A book club? tell me ladies what are we discussing today?'
You say 'I thought the internal rhymes made a good rythem.'
Dydric says to Kaleb 'Sorry, didn't see you.'
Valicia says to you 'I prefer end myself.'
Valicia says 'Some prefer none at all.'
Kaeralin says 'Quite touching, pretty good at emotional content.'
You say 'The go/gone lack of rhyme distracts me, personally.'
Kaleb says 'Aye.'
Dydric says 'I agree.'
Valicia says 'It moves from end to internal there.'
Kaeralin says 'The rhymestouched me more than the other ones I saw, somehow.'
Kaeralin says 'Though they were not necessarily superior.'
Kaleb says 'I think he or she tried to metaphorically state his death by the other party at the end, however it could have been written better.'
Kaleb says 'It is written into a song more than a poem.'
Valicia says 'I agree that the idea is very personal.'
Dydric says 'Given the possiblities of the universe, I don't think he or she gave enough though to them. There are many words out there.'
Valicia says 'Thats what i meant when i said it could be difficult for the average reader to pick up and understand.'
Kaleb says 'Now perhaps if we put a lute to it or maybe some flute then it would be different.'
Valicia says 'What's next?'
Kaeralin says 'Might not make a bad ballad, now that I think about it.'
Dydric says 'I prefer to listen to poems with bongos myself.'
You say 'The Assassin.'
Valicia says 'Yes..'
Valicia says 'I like the content, and the first verse flows very well, but the form is not kept in the third verse. The couplet in between is acceptable though.'
Valicia says 'It looks like the third verse was supposed to mimic the form of the first but couldnt because of the words used.'
Kaeralin says 'I feel it should be longer.'
Dydric says 'Would one of you be willing to read it out loud?'
You say 'I rather like the longer stanza.'
You say 'Dydric you can purchase the book from Vikka.'
Vikka tells you 'On my way, dear.'
Kaeralin says 'If it were longer it would probably be better.'
Kaleb says 'Aye sadly, this needs to be longer.'
Dydric says 'Vikka.'
You say 'I find the longer final verse makes the pace incrase.'
You say 'Increase, that is.'
Dydric says 'I'm too poor.'
Kaleb says 'I find it a bit arrogant as well.'
Kaleb says 'How much is the book?'
Kaeralin says 'It's not bad otherwise at the rhyming and a little flow.'
Valicia says 'Wait.'
Dydric says '500 gold coins.'
Valicia says 'Vikka.'
Dydric says to you 'What you are made of money?!'
Valicia says 'Any other comments on the Assassin?'
Kaeralin says 'The other thing I can say is it doesn't seem to say enough.'
Kaleb says 'Nay, I just find the arrogance a little dishearting.'
Vikka the serving girl says 'These will do.'
Vikka the serving girl says 'I'll see you this afternoon?'
Valicia says 'Let's keep our comments contructive.'
Kaeralin says 'Alright.'
Valicia says 'Perhaps the arrogance would be offensive to the author.'
You say 'It is the tone of the poem, dearie.'
Valicia says 'Just saying.'
Kaleb says 'Perhaps.'
Dydric says 'Sounds a bit blood-thirsty to me.'
You say 'The Assassin in question is quite arrogant, knowing that he will make the kill.'
Kaeralin says 'Indeed.'
Kaeralin says 'Confident even.'
Ygin says 'Some of us are quite skilled.'
Valicia says 'Perhaps it is not arogance to that drow.'
Dydric says 'Maybe he is ignorant?'
Ygin says 'Confidence is a byproduct of said skill.'
Valicia says 'Perhaps it is certainty.'
Kaleb says 'Aye but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.'
Valicia says 'Or confidence.'
Valicia says 'We call it arrogance.'
Valicia says 'Just saying.'
Dydric says 'How does he know he'll make the kill?'
Valicia says 'He may have great confidence.'
Valicia says 'We call it arrogance.'
Kaleb says 'Eh.'
Valicia says 'And in the end we usually agree it leads to hubris.'
Ygin says 'I always know when I will kill.'
Dydric says 'I disagree.'
Dydric says 'How can his confidence be arrogance?'
Ygin says 'I've had enough of this critique.'
Ygin says 'Move on.'
Valicia says 'Adorable.'
You say 'A Rose Alone.'
Kaleb says 'This one touched my heart.'
Kaleb says 'But also saddens me.'
Valicia says 'It seems as much a poem as a story to me.'
You say 'There is a use of couplets again, but the lines are long enough that they bother me less.'
Kaleb says 'And a lot of hidden messages it seems.'
Valicia says 'I like the rythm that the the pauses in the longer lines cause.'
Kaleb says 'Which captavates me.'
Dydric says 'I don't understand this one. why can't poems just spell things out to me instead of having double meaning.'
Kaleb says 'You have to read in between the lines.'
Dydric says 'Mind games.'
Kaeralin says 'Though I don't want to be critical, I read the first verse, and I could not seem to find a good flow for singing.'
Dydric says 'That's all they are.'
Ygin says 'Flowers don't live long. Not like a pure-blooded drow.'
You say 'It makes a good poem, but I can curious how to put it to music.'
Valicia says 'I like the fact that it is a sonet, the last couplet seems to really finalize the poem.. or the story.'
Kaleb says 'I see how I could put this to music.'
Kaleb says 'But I would need a full band.'
Valicia says to Kaeralin 'Your thoughts?'
Kaeralin says 'Perhaps that is why some stood out to me more than others, is because I heard what I read in a musical tone.'
Kaeralin says 'Or tried to hear one.'
Kaeralin says 'In this case, I do not find it easy to create one in the entire range.'
Valicia says 'Any other thoughts on the rose before we move on?'
You say 'Something about the flow of the poem distracts me from it.'
Kaleb says 'I thought it was well written but does hold hidden messages.'
Valicia says 'Probably the third stanza.'
You say 'Perhaps it is a lack of consistency in the length of the lines.'
Valicia says 'It breaks rhythm from the rest.'
Valicia says 'I think it goes along with the story aspect of it.'
Valicia says 'But it does become distracting in the poem itself.'
You say 'All in all, a touching story/'
Valicia says 'Now then.'
Valicia says 'Next is..'
You say 'Ode to Herald.'
Valicia says 'My first thought is, too long.'
You say 'Compared to the other poems, the tone is slightly childish.'
Dydric says 'Very immature.'
Valicia says 'I think some of the words don't agree - they don't flow.'
Valicia says 'First line second stanza.'
Valicia says 'There are man larger than I've known '
Valicia says 'There are other instances like that.'
Valicia says 'It's very distracting.'
Valicia says 'Perhaps it is just a matter of proofing though.'
You say 'I cannot dispute the topic...'
Dydric says 'It sounds to me that the author is trying to win the contest by flattering heralds.'
Ygin says 'Do you think less of one because their speech is accented?'
You say 'It might work!'
Kaleb says 'Aww but that would be biased.'
Valicia says 'Yes, it is a definate thank you.'
Ygin says 'I find many of the word choices unpredictable.'
Valicia says 'But i don't see to much about the actual heralds.'
Valicia says 'I think there could be more.'
Kaeralin says 'There are those I know who speak in a different tones.'
Valicia says 'Attesting to their duties and what not.'
Kaeralin says 'And sometimes this makes them seem better, other times not.'
Kaeralin says 'This one has plenty of emotion, and could be cheerful.'
Valicia says 'Any other thoughts before we move on?'
You say 'A Woman.'
Kaeralin says 'Which in its own right might be fitting.'
Valicia says 'This one was amusing.'
You say 'I was disappointed by the descent into couplets.'
Valicia says 'It starts off very strong and flattering..'
Valicia says 'And then becomes more about the author.'
Finaeus says 'Oops.'
You say 'There is a change in tone that seems somewhat out of place.'
Kaeralin says 'This one was clearly written by a man.'
Kaleb says 'I agree, this was written by someone love struck.'
Kaeralin says 'Or someone trying to write like one at least.'
Valicia says 'I dont think love struck.'
Valicia says 'I think perhaps searching.'
Kaleb says 'I speak as a man on this one.'
Kaleb says 'This is a poem written for a woman from someone with no experince writting.'
Valicia says 'I like the begining a great deal, but i think the end went off in a new poem.'
Kaleb says 'What I see in this one is he is falling over his words.'
You say 'You think he had a muse in mind?'
Kaleb says 'Aye.'
Kaleb says 'A lady in his eyes and a quill in his hand.'
Valicia says 'Perhaps.'
Kaleb says 'Which is adorable.'
Valicia says 'Perhaps me.'
Valicia says 'I have been known to catch a man or two in my time.'
You say 'I see no sign in the poem that there is a specific woman, dearies...'
Kaeralin says 'Indeed.'
Kaleb says 'Hmm.'
Valicia says 'It was a joke.'
Dydric says to Valicia 'Did you submit a poem?'
Kaeralin says 'It could be one written by a rogue, an outcast, or a bard.'
Valicia says to Dydric 'Perhaps.'
Kaeralin says 'Maybe even an Exile.'
You say 'If you examine the poem backgrounds, there is a certain thread that ties to together.'
You say 'But it is harder to see when read the first time through.'
Kaeralin says 'Definitely suggests to me that this author took to wandering, whether by choice or not.'
You say 'A man seeking a woman, then offering the traits said woman might possess.'
Kaleb says 'I can see that.'
You say 'I almost pity the author.'
Dydric says 'I do.'
Dydric says 'Women are to be won over, not chased.'
Dydric says 'Or stalked.'
Kaleb says 'Aye but chasing is half the fun.'
Dydric says 'Not when they have wings.'
You say 'Perhaps when the authors are release, you shall need to speak with this one.'
Kaleb says 'They aren't just going to fall into your arms, are they?'
Dydric says 'I do have Aerial shot....'
Dydric says 'I've yet to use it.'
Kaeralin says 'And a weapon ward and protective shield stop that.'
Kaeralin says 'My barrier would likely do even more.'
You say 'Perhaps we should move on?'
Kaeralin says 'Sure.'
Dydric says 'You would put me oustide a Barrier?'
You say 'Into Shadow A Mothers Plea.'
Valicia says 'It's a bit repetative.'
Valicia says 'To an extent it is supposed to be, but it almost dosent fit.'
Dydric says 'I find this one to be a bit scary.'
You say 'I find the repetition comforting.'
Kaleb says 'It is a nursery ryhme to a child.'
Kaleb says 'I find it beautiful.'
Dydric says 'Release the hate that you disavow?'
Dydric says 'What kind of parent is that?!'
You say 'A drow, dearie.'
Valicia says 'The last stanza doesnt work for me.'
Valicia says 'I am not sure why.'
Valicia says 'The first two are good.'
Kaleb says 'Aye it is telling the child not to hate, Dydric. it is another you have to read in between the lines.'
Kaleb says 'Aye it is telling the child not to hate, Dydric. it is another you have to read in between the lines.'
You say 'Structurally, I think this is one of the best poems. '
Kaleb says 'I could see someone reciting this as they rock a child to sleep.'
Dydric says to Kaleb 'Seriously?'
Kaleb says 'Aye.'
Kaleb says 'I would have read this to my children when they were still young enough to rock.'
Dydric says 'Poems need to come with guides.'
Dydric says 'And dictionaries.'
Ygin says 'It sounds like the mother in this poem is weak.'
Valicia says 'I think the rhyming word is harsh.'
Valicia says 'The 'ow' is rough in my ears.'
Dydric says 'I kinda like this one though, I'm not sure why.'
You say 'Personally, I find the assonance comforting.'
Kaleb says 'Aye the poem itself is a bit soothing.'
Kaeralin says 'It's like the assassin, only perhaps more refined, and from the other side of the coin.'
Kaleb says 'I can kind of see that.'
Kaeralin says 'Instead of being from the view of the predator, it's from someone speaking to one who is being hunted as prey.'
Dydric says 'Hmm, meld into shadow, release you hate, when I see this author I'm going to make them oath.'
Dydric says 'Your hate rather.'
Kaleb says 'There you go again being one sided.'
Dydric says 'Hey, I am now shallow.'
Valicia says 'I think now that we have discussed, everyone should vote.'