RP log - the many sides of Valicia

posted on 2010-07-28 16:02:52
This all took place late the other night while Team Valour was ranking at the Forest Five. I laughed out loud so many times during this RP session, it truly was a lot of fun and good creativity by all parties. It could only have been better if Olyn was actually online and swooped down to wreak havoc on us, haha.

<730hp 233m 297mv 17603tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Speaking of, Someone.. and I am not naming any names - Dydric - pinched my behind in the tavern..'

<730hp 233m 297mv 17603tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'What?!'

<730hp 213m 273mv 17603tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Maybe you should wiggle it less?'

<730hp 200m 301mv 17603tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Hey now, you leave the vuluptuous wiles of my hind quarters out of this, he should have some restraint.'

<730hp 157m 321mv 17043tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'I wish you'd stop thinking about me.'

<730hp 137m 297mv 17043tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Hah.'
Tyrgrolm has some big nasty wounds and scratches.

<730hp 137m 297mv 17043tnl> cb hehe
[KNIGHT] (Noble) Finaeus: 'Hehe.'

<730hp 142m 348mv 17043tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'You see i am a married man, it wouldn't work out.'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Yes well, i have to wonder about a man who is nearly married and decides to grab what he could never have even in his dreams.'

<730hp 130m 348mv 16243tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'Keep my dreams out of this!!'

<730hp 110m 324mv 16243tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'That's a sacred place.'

<730hp 110m 324mv 16243tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Perhaps I should ask your wife of her tush grabbing policies?'

<730hp 77m 324mv 16243tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Perhaps she could grab Korack's for evenness.'
Ysaegriss has quite a few wounds.

<730hp 77m 324mv 16243tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: '1. I did no such thing.'
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: '2. you cannot prove it.'
Ysaegriss has some big nasty wounds and scratches.

<730hp 77m 324mv 16243tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'I would suggest Olyns, but that would not end well.'

[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'What?!'
<730hp 77m 324mv 16243tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Footman) Galurn: 'Mine is firm.'

<730hp 77m 324mv 16243tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Why are you bringing me into this?!'

[KNIGHT] (Noble) Finaeus: 'Or yours, for vast entertainment.'
[KNIGHT] (Noble) Finaeus: 'I'd buy a ticket for that show!'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Down boy.'
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'You are not invited.

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Yes well, I do find Kaeralin rather attractive..'

<730hp 88m 348mv 16243tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'Oh? so do i.'

<730hp 68m 321mv 15603tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'Have you notice we have the same last name?!'
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'As we are married.'

<730hp 80m 348mv 15603tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Im with a bunch of hormone driven perverts.'

<730hp 60m 324mv 15603tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'And she's not into woman so stay away!!'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'You are one of them Korack, do not deny it, i've seen the way you look at the Executor's tush!'

[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Ew.'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Dasey: 'Hehehe.'
Mullin the delinquent is in awful condition.

<730hp 26m 324mv 15603tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'What a horrible thing to say.'

<730hp 26m 324mv 15603tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Im afraid I can no longer help you guys rank.'
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Im going to go find a tree somewhere and puke now.'

[KNIGHT] (Footman) Galurn: 'There tree right there.'

<730hp 26m 324mv 15027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Do you speak blasphemy against his tush?'

<730hp 41m 348mv 15027tnl> cb Haha
[KNIGHT] (Noble) Finaeus: 'Haha.'

<730hp 43m 348mv 15027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'No.'

<730hp 41m 348mv 15027tnl>

<730hp 41m 345mv 15027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'There you have it, Korack has decreed Jerol's tush is un pinchable.'

<730hp 23m 324mv 15027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Korack has declared an interest for Females, and Only Females...'

[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'This cat is not interested in those of the same sex.'
Stvertlik has some big nasty wounds and scratches.

<730hp 23m 324mv 15027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Oh, so it's my tush you are after eh?'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'My my I am popular.'

[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Have I ever pinched your tush?'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Maybe.'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'I'll never tell.'
Stvertlik is in awful condition.

<730hp 29m 348mv 15027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Have you ever seen me purr?'

<730hp 29m 348mv 15027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'Will you stop trying to get olyn to kill us?'

[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Olyn is not so serious when it comes to his wayword wife's practical jokes.'

<730hp 3m 285mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Aw, afraid of the big bad wolf?'

<730hp 3m 285mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'He just feels obligated to hand off a smite or two.'

[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'He only smited me three times or so.'

[KNIGHT] (Footman) Galurn: 'Speak of the dragon.'
[KNIGHT] (Footman) Galurn: 'Kaeralin is here.'

<730hp 39m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Kaeralin: 'What did I miss?'

<730hp 39m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Oh my.'

<730hp 39m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Come here darling!'

<730hp 39m 348mv 14483tnl> cb Woo
[KNIGHT] (Noble) Finaeus: 'Woo.'
[KNIGHT] (Noble) Finaeus: 'Dame on Dame goodness!'

<730hp 39m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Dydric has sold you to me.'

<730hp 39m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Lady Valicia being such a pervert.'

<730hp 39m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'Don't go near her.'

<730hp 39m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'I think shes in heat.'

<721hp 74m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Wait, Elves dont go into heat do they?'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'I can if you want me to?'

[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Thats ok, I dont think my nose could take it.'

<721hp 49m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Kaeralin: 'What, was this about the val's valentines again?'

<721hp 49m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Here Kaeralin KAeralin Kaeralin, your husband has sold you for a pinch on my tush!'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'He pinched my tush in the tavern and said i could have you in exchange.'

[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'Lies.'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Everyone saw this.'

<730hp 146m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Right fin?'

<730hp 146m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'I saw nothing.'
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'And I think Finaeus is wise enough to stay out of that one.'

[KNIGHT] (Noble) Finaeus: 'I didn't see it.'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Cowards.'

[KNIGHT] (Noble) Finaeus: 'I just want to see you two make out is all.'

<730hp 146m 348mv 14483tnl>

<730hp 158m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'I mean you saw him sell her to me.'

<730hp 158m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Kaeralin: 'I missed out on this.'

<730hp 158m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'Kaeralin belongs to me and me only.'

<730hp 158m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'If anyone of you gets any ideas you will die.'

<730hp 158m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Kaeralin: 'Just what is going on here?'

<730hp 158m 348mv 14483tnl>

<730hp 153m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Now now, a pinch for a pinch.'

<730hp 122m 345mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'Come to me Kaeralin?'

<730hp 122m 309mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Too lat.'

<730hp 122m 300mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'I have her.'

<730hp 122m 300mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Kaeralin: 'I'm at the Altar of the Light in Valour, exactly where I was.'

<730hp 148m 348mv 14483tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Kaeralin: 'Alright... Once Valicia is finished with me.'

<730hp 122m 324mv 13947tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'You have some very interesting ideas Kaeralin, I knew we were a pair..'

<730hp 131m 348mv 13947tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Surrounded by children.'

<730hp 131m 342mv 13427tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Naughty Children at taht.'

<730hp 138m 348mv 13427tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Who says you need a man to have fun!'

<730hp 118m 324mv 13427tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Footman) Galurn: 'Very forward for a Lady.'

<730hp 126m 348mv 13427tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'I think shes in heat.'
Ysaegriss looks pretty hurt.

<730hp 96m 324mv 12723tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Come now, i have been serious for my stint.'
Mullin the delinquent has quite a few wounds.

<730hp 69m 348mv 12723tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'A lady can not have a bit of sport with her companions?'
Mullin the delinquent is in awful condition.

<730hp 69m 348mv 12027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'I never said that did I?'

<730hp 0m 324mv 12027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'If you were not busy gernal, i would set me sights on you.'
Stvertlik has quite a few wounds.

<730hp 0m 324mv 12027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Eh?'
Stvertlik has quite a few wounds.

<730hp 0m 324mv 12027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Whyever would you do that?'

<730hp 0m 324mv 12027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Why not is the question.'
Stvertlik has some big nasty wounds and scratches.

<730hp 0m 324mv 12027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Footman) Galurn: 'She likes fur.'
Stvertlik has some big nasty wounds and scratches.

<730hp 8m 348mv 12027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'I do.'
Stvertlik looks pretty hurt.

<730hp 8m 348mv 12027tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'Now dont you encourage her Galurn.'
Stvertlik looks pretty hurt.

<730hp 15m 312mv 11743tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'The Woman I set my sights on appears to have left Thera.'

<730hp 28m 348mv 11743tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Me?'

<730hp 38m 348mv 11743tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Dame) Valicia: 'Are you cheating on me Korack?'

<730hp 38m 348mv 11743tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'What?'

<730hp 38m 348mv 11743tnl>
[KNIGHT] (General) Korack: 'What on earth are you talking about?'

<730hp 38m 348mv 11743tnl>
[KNIGHT] (Knight) Dydric: 'She's gone mad.'

[KNIGHT] (Dame) Kaeralin: 'Aren't we all?'
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