posted on 2010-06-10 10:36:09
Alright, I have been trying to reach an immortal in the game for quite some time, but somehow the timeline just doesn't coincide and I really hope some admin can shed some light on this. Wicigogord is a character I played. Now I am aware that he got outcasted, for whatever reason, I can only guess it's due to my aggression towards the keepers cabal for invading them and capturing their item. However, I believe I have sufficient reason for that since Wityl, their gnome thief stole 3 or 4 of my rare weapons once and I believe I do have the right to exact my revenge upon them since I was provoked first, even if I am a neutral.

If that is insufficient reason to be hostile against the keepers, and my case is overthrown, then I would have nothing to say, since I am just a player governed by the admins' decision in the game. So, I have somewhat accepted this judgement and decided to make do with it despite having to face all the disadvantages of being an outcast, since I have really spent almost 300 hours on this character, mastering almost every skill there is to master for a warrior.

However, what shocked me most was, when I logged on today, I realised that my maximum strength attribute has been reduced by 1 to 21! Come on, I mean, do you really hate me that much to do all these to me? Imagine having spent almost an average of 50 days worth of sleeping time (assuming that one sleeps 6 hours a day) on a character. I don't believe I have broken any rules with this character, if then why are you being so difficult on him.

Seriously, it was simply "Log in;*outcasted*;end". No note or reason given at all, and I dun even have a chance to plead my case, and now the reduction in strength attribute without any notice again... Is this character really that detestable?
  1. ivindel Wicigogord -
    -EDIT- Alright, forget abt the strength change, dumbass me did not realise the changes
  2. sebryn Wicigogord -
    that's hilarious
  3. Zalastran Wicigogord -
  4. holtaire Wicigogord -
    what are the effects of being outcasted? Any skill losses or anything like that?
  5. pip Wicigogord -
    you probably got outcasted for being a hoarding neutral. dav sent out a note about cracking down on it, so you might just be one of the products of the change. i dont know exactly why you were outcasted, but if i had to say it is probably from watching you log enough hours to keep rares but pussy out against hard opponents.
  6. Clifton Wicigogord -
    i would guess for basically playing as an evil. i mean, trying to kill all keepers because 1 thief stole 3 or 4 weapons? that's like tethesis declaring war on neutrals because they didn't help kill evils - guilt by association.
  7. tipplwise Wicigogord -
    Oh no. Tipplwise has been banned from the forum. And yes, Tipplwise just referred to himself in the third person.
  8. stiehl Wicigogord -
    Build an area and banned from the forums...ouch. Calling dav a dumbass though...not a way to stay on his good side.
  9. retard Wicigogord -
  10. ving Wicigogord -
    outcasts for the win! I got outcasted for blackjacking one too many people. Being an outcast means your guild won't shelter you and if the gods please they'll change your alignment and/or remove skills.
  11. tipplwise Wicigogord -
    stiehl, do you honestly still think I helped build an area???!!!???
  12. tipplwise Wicigogord -
    sorry for the double post. But regarding the Dav dumbass post, I'm glad someone else is willing to put their neck on the line to try to take on Dav. I mean, does anyone else notice he's getting pretty damn powertrippy of late?
  13. sebryn Wicigogord -
    Re: "powertrippy"

    Imagine someone invites a group of 'friends' to his house for a Super Bowl party, provides the food, provides the beer/drinks, etc. Say some of those friends bring their friends too, who don't really know the host but the host is gracious enough to entertain everyone on his dime.

    Throughout the day the host is having to occasionally tell his friends "please get your dirty shoes off my coffee table", "please put your empty beer bottles in the trash/recycling bin", etc. He's trying to be friendly about it, but the majority of the people he's known for a while, and they've been to parties at his house before, so they should know better by now and the "pleasantries" (asking nicely, etc.) get old after awhile... especially annoying because, as I just mentioned, it's assumed that THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER BY NOW.

    Finally the host, slightly irritated but still trying to maintain his composure and keep the majority of the partygoers happy, decides to bring out a snack tray, which happens to be loaded with some slightly different munchies than everyone at the party is used to. There are a couple of sneers and upturned noses at first (which is normal when people experience new things), but once a couple of people try the new snacks they realize that they're actually pretty decent and give the host kudos.

    Along comes a partygoer, a longtime acquaintance of the host and someone who's been to his share of the host's parties, who asks the host a seemingly innocuous question. The host replies with a somewhat "well you should already know the answer to that" response, but the partygoer in turn responds by calling the host a "dumbass" and adds a mild insult to the other partygoers (but many of them are fairly thick-skinned when it comes to each other's comments, being somewhat longtime friends/mutual partygoers).

    The host, having already endured putting up with the messes he's having to clean up from accidents and sometimes-careless partygoers (spilled drinks, empty bottles, etc.), gets a bit miffed at being called a "dumbass" in his own home during his own party. He in turn kicks the partygoer in question out of his home and party.

    Regardless of what else you're going to rebut with or add onto this specific event, Tipplwise, what in that scenario is "powertrippy" as opposed to someone not wanting to have dirty dishwater splashed in their face for cleaning other peoples' dishes?
  14. pip Wicigogord -
    Re: pwned

    signed - Sebryn
  15. tipplwise Wicigogord -
    The powertrip comment was referencing not a single instant but a longer term time period referencing Dav's increasing condescension, frequent calling other players retards (which I did point out is an offensive word along a similar vein as faggot), and overt contempt for several players.

    I can understand one big explosion every once in a while, because you all are human after all. However, to use the cliche from spiderman: "with great power comes great responsibility." I feel that it is the responsibility of an imp to have a respectful tone when talking to his players. I mean, it may just be me, but I don't think snide comments coming from the imp is going to be great for the retention rate.

    Your smack-down on my powertrip comment was a very fitting one and one that I would expect to come from an immortal. It did not include any ad hominem attacks (which Clifton will tell you have no logical value) and it clearly laid out the point you were trying to make.

    Regarding the dumbass comment and your analogy: I would first like to reference the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If the host of this party during the course of the party repeatedly calls his guests retards, insults their intelligence, and acts in a condescending manner towards them, why should he not expect something in return?
  16. nakachi Wicigogord -
    because he's the host, duh
  17. bassball Wicigogord -
    I got super bored yesterday cause classes are over. So I jumped on to troll the log board for like 2 minutes tops. (still banned from the forum, lol) Decided I might as well look again today since I did post a little tid bit. Basically, I just want to add another little tid bit.


    Sounds to me like all the crap is still going on. And it looks like everyone is trying to pretend they're still having fun.

    Getting outcasted for no reason and without any note doesn't even seem harsh to me wici. LOL.

    Wait.. Dav's allowed to call people retards? HAHAH.

    Awesome. I'm glad I stopped by again today. I find all this kinda funny. Maybe I'll poke in again every once in while.

    Keep enjoying yourselves guys.
  18. erlwith Wicigogord -
    The point here is, you should at the very least have the respect for someone who is building a game for your enjoyment; not to call him out as a dumbass in the public forums.

    BTW you were banned because you were, at least acting like, a total fucking moron. How much clearer could he be? If you want to post bugs post here, if you want to post ANYTHING ELSE click . Instead of following the simplest of directions you continue to argue and bitch and moan, repeatedly breaking the only request posted on that string.

    I almost posted a reply there telling you to shut the hell up, but I can at least follow simple instructions.
  19. lmauge Wicigogord -
    hey tip you are not alone I called Dav an elitiest on my grave yard post and got banned from the forum. Then clifton verbally assaulted me in chat lol. So the lesson here is u can't say anything about anyone unless you are in charge. And the people who are in charge can talk to you however they damn well please.
  20. erlwith Wicigogord -
    one more thing. not everyone agrees with or even likes dav, but the intelligent people know what to say and where to say it. dav's a unique admin and he doesn't interact with his playerbase the way the average admin does. This is both good and bad. Dav is way more accessible to us than any imp I've really ever seen. Still, with that comes the full brunt if his personality. This is his playground, you do what he wants or go play somewhere else. Such is life. You'll get nowhere crying fair or unfair here.

    and basball outcasting has been WAY too lenient. someone needs to put a stop to this gay "I'm going to roll a halfling thief, rob people and then kill them repeatedly for attacking me! invade cabals, etc. but I'm neutral" shit.
  21. tipplwise Wicigogord -
    erlwith, I used to respect Davairus. Now I don't. He did things and said things to lose my respect. You can't just say: "hey here I am, I made your game you retard, now respect me." Respect doesn't work like that.

    I never got a clear answer to my question. And I mean, if it were SO clear, then why would I have a question about it? It's a simple question really: what are the stipulations to confining. Dav's post didn't say you can confine whenever the hell you want inside the inner section without any stipulations, so I was trying to CLARIFY.

    According to the old confine, you had to confine while the first guardian was still alive. Obviously, that can't be the case with this two guardian system. Davairus also said that you could not go past the second guardian while you had adrenaline. Thus, in order to be in a confineable position, you have to have killed both guards. If that is the case, I'm not even sure it is (which is why I'm asking questions) does that mean you can confine whenever the hell you want once they enter the inner section of cabal grounds?
  22. ving Wicigogord -
    as a neutral halfling thief I'd like to say I haven't killed people repeatedly for attacking me. (i've only gotten one pk so far). I've noticed it's hard to play a neutral. I'm not complaining about being an outcast though. on the other hand I think we should all get some strange cigars, sing some songs and relax.
  23. stiehl Wicigogord -
    Ving, so are you saying you were outcast because, as a halfling thief (with innate 100% steal), you blackjacked and stole from people? Did you attack a cabal guardian?
    If you are neutral, get butchered by a legion, for example, are you able to kill that person back? I understand neutrals shouldn't be aggressive, just trying to figure out the nuances now.
  24. ving Wicigogord -
    I attempted to blackjack a couple of lightwalkers at the time. My blackjack skill was only 75% then. so I had to try repeatedly for it to land. so, in a sense I attacked repeatedly. however I only stole some gold and did nothing else. It was a action worthy of being an outcast however. I'm no authority on how neutrals or outcast should be played, but since then I've been fairly aggressive.
  25. Zalastran Wicigogord -
    If you PAID to play AR, you would have a right to expect to be treated with more respect as you put it. Like you said respect is earned not just granted, and that goes both ways. You act like an ass your gonna get treated like an ass. Now, NO one pays to play ar. People like Dav, Olyn, Vhrael, Res, other unnamed imms spend THEIR time, making this place a better place for us. for FREE!!! They dont charge us to play. They dont expect payment for their time. As a result, they dont NEED people to be be happy or content. Sure its nice, but We are not their lifebread. They have lives and jobs outside of AR. Grow up, learn to deal with it or go somewhere else. All I have to say.
  26. sebryn Wicigogord -
    For the record, I'd just like to say that if a monthly monetary collection is taken up amongst the players and dispersed amongst the imm staff, I can't speak for Dav but I won't be so cranky...

  27. Zalastran Wicigogord -
    Haha, right.
  28. Clifton Wicigogord -
    I just added Bassball to the list of people banned from invokation. I'm going to quick tell you why, so when he inevitably asks one of you, you'll know.

    The reason, really simply, is it annoys that hell out of me for him to come to my website and act like a douche. Very few things will give someone the right to come here and take a shit on something I enjoy doing in my free time. You don't get to come to invokation and judge me for doing something they enjoy.

    The question about confine was posted in the wrong place. He pointed out that you posted in the wrong place. You claimed he was starting shit and called him a dumbass. So he banned you. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Maybe you think he should've been more lenient; What I want to know is why?

    When it comes to respect, it really is a one-way street. Do you really care if someone doesn't respect you when you think they're completely worthless people? Of course not. So instead of wasting your time saying you lost respect for Davairus, ask yourself whether you think he'd really give two shits.
  29. retard Wicigogord -
    i dont think i've ever demanded respect or expected it, but i do know that ive never gotten my due. in fact i deliberately chose the 'retard' name on this invokation.net place for this reason, you guys rarely see how it is from other point of views, after years of adminning this game, im just tired, when you fuck something up i can already see the same conversation panning out that ive been through several hundred times 'you did this, so you must pay' 'i didnt intend that' 'i have to use facts not intents' 'thats not fair you are a shit imp then' 'here is the slays, good luck' yeah . obviously i am not that far wrong because the dude still needed to be outcasted regardless of what i did about it. and those guys i ban from the forum, they deserve it too. but yeah, dont expect me to sit online for a week just waiting for you to login to deal with it, and im certainly not going to leave a problem unattended for any longer than that, the bottom line is you must inevitably get the punishment, and if you cant figure it out why you did, then you can ask somebody. andif you want to stand up to me, as you put it, and make me feel more frustrated with this burden than i already am, then you are a retard, and i dont mind saying so.