Game down?

posted on 2010-05-25 14:51:00
Website seems to be too. At least for me.
  1. Zalastran Game down? -
    Ar is up.
  2. stiehl Game down? -
    Thats odd. I cant connect to the link at the top of this page nor the game iteself. I can connect to anything else. Any suggestions? I am using the 9000 address.
  3. m1co Game down? -
    forwarder may be down, try " 9000"

    thats what im using.
  4. stiehl Game down? -
    Huh! That didnt work either. That is very strange. I cant imagine what would have changed from one day to the next. Well that is the wierdest thing. I can connect to abandonedrealms website via my iphone's network but not when connected to mine. For some odd reason it looks like my IP provider is stopping traffic to abandonedrealms. Well that's that.
  5. m1co Game down? -
    Call them and ask whats up with that?
  6. iolo Game down? -
    Game is down for me too. Or at least I can't access it from work. Tried 9000, 9000, and Can't ping any of those either. Will try from home tonight.
  7. Zalastran Game down? -
    Server just went down it seems. Website and game both down, and Wlfpaw wont pull up.
  8. xuberone Game down? -
    yes so it seems
  9. m1co m1co -
    hmm web is up but game server still down
  10. reiwan Game down? -
    Probably a database problem, because the forum doesnt work either.
  11. resatimm Game down? -
    lol lets just go with the obvious, and blame Olyn and/or Vhrael. Dav will be back in a few hours and will put it back up. No need to fret. Hope it didnt ruin the poker game!!!
  12. reiwan Game down? -
    Im just hoping I didnt die from thirst or hunger D:
  13. xuberone Game down? -
    game down again ?