posted on 2010-04-12 18:39:04
Didnt have a screen name on Abandoned realms forum so I thought I would put it here. It wasnt a rage delete really just a
long time coming, I'll be having something new soon.
  1. adwaud Tyravel -
    I told you to stay out Tyra! It was a needless death damn it! Haha. Oh well. It was great fighting alongside you!
  2. adwaud Tyravel -
    I'm so gonna post the log of the knights ganking me. Really fucking bullshit. 4 on one... Jesus christ. Cowards to this extent?
  3. Barethay Tyravel -
    I plan on coming back with a new Justice. A new start.
  4. Mandor Tyravel -
    no, those were facts, not flamebaits.