Account Approval System

posted on 2010-04-06 06:30:59
Because we've had issues with people being irresponsible douchebags, I've taken the time to implement an account approval system. So now your name has to be approved before you can post logs or comment. It shouldn't take more than a day or two to get approval.
  1. tiqa Account Approval System -
    That kind of sucks.

    The nice thing about here, compared to the graveyard is anonimity.

    So now, if someone wants to reply to a post without giving themsleves away, they have to wait a few days to be approved? I`m guessing the point will be lost to respond to a log days later.

  2. retard Account Approval System -
    It seemed to me like the approval was on your *account*, not on your posts. That means if you have an approved *account*, there is no wait time to post. In other words, registration is controlled.

    The positive advantages of internet anonymity are still present - what's been removed is the opportunity to hide behind a mask and just be a douchebag to get a reaction out of it.
  3. Clifton Account Approval System -
    I honestly couldn't give a shit about whether you have to wait another day or two or seven to post your reply. You are more than welcome to go and run your own website where YOU can make the rules and deal with the zealously self-righteous, self-entitled, and self-indignant people that make up the playerbase.

    For me, I have absolutely no desire to come to invokation to see some fuckwad under the username of "vaginesse" post some shit about "that whore being gone" under some proxy. Yeah, so you can thank your fellow playerbase for this if you want someone to blame.
  4. Clifton Account Approval System -
    And yes, all current accounts were automatically approved.
  5. m1co Account Approval System -
    Approve this: (_|_)
  6. Kessor Account Approval System -
    Thanks, Clifton. I've seen some stuff like that that bugged me some. This should help a lot. Thanks for this.
  7. sebryn Account Approval System -
    Y'know, something I've always wondered about invokation...

    When people post "anonymously" (using a fresh username created for their new character), it tracks their IP address, so the admins here most likely can compile an OOC list of "who's who" by matching IPs from old posters to the newly created usernames.

    Just something to consider if you really want to keep trying to make new username accounts to "keep your anonymity"...
  8. Shadok Account Approval System -
    I agree with the approval system.
  9. davor Account Approval System -
    "When people post "anonymously" (using a fresh username created for their new character), it tracks their IP address, so the admins here most likely can compile an OOC list of "who's who" by matching IPs from old posters to the newly created usernames."

    firstly admins would have to be crazy to give a shit in the first place, secondly there are ethics involved and said admin would have to have somewhat flawed set of those.

    My bet is that clif keeps his list in excel, but if confronted will insist it is mysql base and that excel is for noobs.
  10. sebryn Account Approval System -
  11. Clifton Account Approval System -
    It's actually tracked in a seperate admin only page. This makes it easy to ban and delete users of one ip all in one go. So no, you guys are both wrong. It is in fact php and mysql database. FYI, I've only actively tried to take two people off invokation.

    The process creation system doesn't filter proxies though, which is a real issue, and I haven't been able to find a good/comprehensive way to deal with that. I tried once, and that blocked mobile browsing, so it was undone pretty quickly. It had failed miserably anyway.

    Sebryn brings up a good point though, IPs are tracked. And it would be possible for me to look up characters via IP matching. Davor is also correct in stating that I'd have to give a shit first though. Feel free to ask other questions about inner workings of this website.
  12. retard Account Approval System -
    add a "post as:" field? i think the current system is poor for secret-keeping, as people are already too lazy to get a second account to leave reply, and just leave comments with their regular handle...but its just gotten alot worse.
  13. sebryn Account Approval System -
    Wasn't that the way it used to be, with the "guest" account? I thought there was something like that, but the problem with a "secret post" that doesn't keep the dumbasses from posting with shitty disrespectful names, which is what _clifton_ was trying to avoid.
  14. retard Account Approval System -
    when the board admin can see the account being used to make those posts, its a simple warning then ban
  15. Mandor Account Approval System -
    or just ban the first time.