Vreharhk VS Vitharin (afterparty RP)

posted on 2010-02-04 02:18:07
Vitharin tells you 'It's unfortunate that you choose such a path of fruitless pursuit.'

You tell Vitharin 'Oh? Why do you say that?'

You tell Vitharin 'It amuses me, so I do not find it so fruitless.'

Vitharin tells you 'Yours can only be a life of greed, and fear, and pain, and there is more to life that can be enjoyed than these such things.'

You tell Vitharin 'Maybe for you.'

You tell Vitharin 'I enjoy it quite throughly.'

You tell Vitharin 'Ahem. Thoroughly.'

Vitharin tells you 'Your poor, misguided soul needs to experience compassion. There are those, unlike your parents no doubt, who would love you simply for who you are.'

You tell Vitharin 'Oh, aye. I've found someone who has accepted me for simply being what I am.'

Vitharin tells you 'Well, there are many who would feel this way.'

Vitharin tells you 'If you would choose to walk within the Light, we would all treat you as a brother, as a son.'

You tell Vitharin 'I care not for their feelings. My life is one of grandeur and entertainment.'

You tell Vitharin 'The light is for fools.'

You tell Vitharin 'The shadows is where I am comfortable.'

Vitharin tells you 'I'll pray this night for your misguided soul. May we speak again, perhaps you and I can join in prayer?'

Vitharin tells you 'I'll not hold my breath upon it, but I would enjoy that if you would.'

You tell Vitharin 'You may pray that my blade does not find your throat.'

Vitharin tells you 'Such agression, and against one you had not spoken to before this day!'

Vitharin tells you 'I see a poor childhood, filled with depravity and abuse.'

You tell Vitharin 'You and your kind befouled me from the beginning. I feel nothing for any of you.'

Vitharin tells you 'Who hit you more, your father or mother?'

You tell Vitharin 'These are questions that have no answers that you will find.'

Vitharin tells you 'They will pay penance for their crimes, no doubt of that, but you can be saved.'

Vitharin tells you 'But I wish to help you, if you will wish to help yourself, Vreharhk.'

Vitharin tells you 'Imagine, instead of wanting constantly, if you had plenty all the time.'

Vitharin tells you 'Within the Light, it would be so.'

You tell Vitharin 'I do help myself. To your coin purse, your items, and the life that escapes your lips as I plunge my blade into your throat.'

Vitharin tells you 'Ah, but there are sharper blades forged in the Light, and they too cleanse.'

Vitharin tells you 'Unfortunate, if you will not see the error of your ways.'

You tell Vitharin 'Mhmm.. Mayhap you misunderstand me. It is the want, the pursuit, the thrill of it all that overcomes merely having such things.'

Vitharin tells you 'Well I will not give up on you yet, Vreharhk. I will pray for your soul.'

Vitharin tells you 'For now I must take leave.'

You tell Vitharin 'Pray all you wish, your God will damn you for such.'

Vitharin tells you 'Never, misguided one. You will see.'
  1. holtaire Vreharhk VS Vitharin (afterparty RP) -
    I just wanted to say, the reason I posted this RP is b/c I thought Vitharin got it right, with him being a healer and all. I think this is what a true healer should be like, along with the rest of the Lightwalkers.