Atares, King of Thera

posted on 2009-11-12 19:26:05
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Atares Chamber of Rituals
Zehtal Chamber of Rituals
Vaelyn Entrance to the Arena

You tell Atares 'Let us duel.'

Atares tells you 'I'm not going to waste my time in the arena with you.'

You tell Atares 'Then let us battle elsewhere.'

Atares tells you 'Don't have the time really.'

You tell Atares 'Of course you don't.'

You tell Atares 'You cannot hide forever, murderer.'

Atares tells you 'For a bit longer though, I sure can.'

You tell Atares 'Step outside of town and face me.'

Atares tells you 'I'm just going to stop talking to you. I'm surely not going to fight you when you are prepared for me.'

Atares tells you 'Ridiculous.'

You tell Atares 'Then you will never fight.'

You tell Atares 'I am ever vigilant. Ever ready.'

You tell Atares 'I have heard whispers that you call yourself the king of Thera.'

You tell Atares 'Is your kingdom a little corner in your guildhall?'

You tell Atares 'Nothing to say to that? Too busy making decrees to rats and their droppings?'

Atares tells you 'You are very annoying.'

Atares tells you 'You'll meet your doom some day soon.'

You tell Atares 'I shall mark it down. If only you would show up.'

Atares tells you 'Once I have finished my set of items I seek, I shall face you with no complaints.'

Atares tells you 'That time has not come yet.'

reply I doubt it ever will.
They aren't here.

Players near you:
Vaelyn Entrance to the Arena
  1. pip Atares, King of Thera -
    I love this :

    Atares tells you 'Once I have finished my set of items I seek, I shall face you with no complaints.'

    "I'll only fight you when I'm decked with Torments of Hell set, until them I'm going to be a pussy and hide in my guild"

    Geez Atares, grow some fucking testicles already.
  2. atares Atares, King of Thera -
    stop being a little bitch Vaelyn, this isn't even a fighting log, and pip stfu please
  3. pip Atares, King of Thera -
    atares, you are the little bitch. Atleast Vaelyn is a respectable character, Atares is just another hoarding niche human shaman.
  4. draxl Atares, King of Thera -

    Agreed that Atares is a pussy.

    However, a question for Vaelyn: why not attack his guild while he's in there?
  5. bassball Atares, King of Thera -
    Hahahah. Draxl that actually made me snort my gatorade.

    And give the guy a break. It's not like he only hides from Vaelyn, he hides from me too. hahah.

    What a pussy.
  6. ergorion Atares, King of Thera -
    draxl. Vaelyn is a Justice. Justice's don't break laws. Attacking a guild guardian is breaking a law...
  7. atares Atares, King of Thera -
    so I guess the log board is now the place to call people out for pussiness. i'm not going to fight a warrior in the arena, especially not Vaelyn or Arvar, it's suicide. and I fought Trogm and Loaron and made an idiot out of Loaron, Trogm had to flee due to insomnia each time and i lost him. learn shit before opening your mouths
  8. atares Atares, King of Thera -
    actually, say what you want, i'm just going to chalk it up to jealousy that I have the set and you don't. Vaelyn your attitude toward me seemed purely RP and I didn't mind that, but bringing it into the logboard is retarded and I respect you less for it honestly. Keep your in game quarrels in game.
  9. Amdorin Atares, King of Thera -
    LMAO Atares .. trust me on this. A year or two down the line from playing, I want you to come back to this log Atares, and I promise you'll laugh your ass off.

    And draxl only made this log better. I love you for that. LMAOOOOO
  10. SLADE Atares, King of Thera -
    pussay for sure, with just a sliver of slack cut because
    (1) arena fighting is obviously incredibly stupid for shm vs war
    (2) nor can you invade due to confine, which means that any real fight of shm vs most justices is always a losing proposition unless you can withstand the wanted tag and guard since its otherwise so easy for either party to run to town and make it all a waste of time
  11. rekkakun Atares, King of Thera -
    wow. Ridiculous. You need a set to fight. Which set might that be? I'm going to get as many items off it as I can and pop a teleport pill and pray all of it appears somewhere deep deep inside winter....
  12. rekkakun Atares, King of Thera -
    I can only think of two sets a shaman will use anyway. Time to gather their items. :-)
  13. Blyden Atares, King of Thera -
    Not positive but i think he has the set and is just looking to fill in the excess spots before fighting with the set so not to lose all his hard work...Just my take.
  14. iolo Atares, King of Thera -
    Here's how I look at this. Months ago we all get an in-game message from a Herald saying Atares wants to be King of Thera. Pretty ballsy/cocky thing to do, which immediately puts a target on his back. Then *poof* he disappears for months amid speculation that he got killed and his Set looted and he was just a guy hiding behind a Set he no longer has. Now, months later, he appears again, putting in a good amount of hours so far this month, sitting in the top 15 rankings for pk, and he's putting his Set back together. Atares, you have to expect people are going to dogpile on you both in-game and on the forums. That whole king of thera thing had an interesting RP aspect to it, dunno which Herald you gave a handjob to to get them to post that for you, but now you've got a big target on your back. So expect flack, expect gangbanging, and expect people to paint you in a bad light on the forums. And *if* you have put the Torments set back together, you will be feared by most/all...until you lose the set again and then disappear like before.
  15. Clifton Atares, King of Thera -
    Top 15 isn't really saying that much since only about 30 people (my own guess) at most play this game. If you're top 3 or so, then you're obviously playing when pip, slade, and kalist aren't.

    And Atares is a huge wimp.
  16. stiehl Atares, King of Thera -
    Do you guys think there are actually 30 people playing? (not being sarcastic) I just got the impression it was more like 15 tops...but that was just my perception rather than based upon anything concrete.
  17. blahblah Atares, King of Thera -
    Ask Nadrin/Emilise. He will tell you how many people are playing. He knows them all.
  18. Zalastran Atares, King of Thera -
    I can think of 20 people off the top of my head that I either know, or know of that play.
  19. resatimm RE: Atares forcing Trogym to flee -
    I dont comment on logs much, or comments much. But I watched that fight through your eyes, Atares. You with your set, fighting the keeper. I have never seen someone beat like a red headed step child equipped like that. You spent time mal'ing him and useless shit lagging yourself, and he almost had you how many times? 5? Insomnia didnt touch him, it just gave him a rest and you a respite. Wow. I know you are trying and doing your best, but dont misrepresent as badly as you are now... Again I wouldnt have said anything if you didnt lie so BAD. Wow. Worst. Fight. Vs. Warrior. With. Pimped. Shaman. Ever.
  20. Clifton Atares, King of Thera -
    Yeah, I'd say with a good amount of certainty that at least 30 people play, maybe not with consistency though.

    If my internet didn't suck at the moment, I'd probably log on every 3 to 6 months and level something.
  21. retard Atares, King of Thera -
    You'd be in the right ballpark if you were guessing the amount of people who play 40-50, but there are way more in low levels than you give them game credit for. Its why game changes are often aimed down at those low ranks.
  22. retard Atares, King of Thera -
    Also, there is no king of thera. There are the four towns, Valour Seringale Darkhaven and Timaran. OF those, Valour is monarchless (try sitting on the throne if you think it isnt), Seringale is ruled by Law, Timaran is anarchic - no goverment at all - and Darkhaven is ruled by crimebosses. The closest the game comes to offering a "ruler" role is to lead the cabal. Calling yourself the King of Thera is not interesting, its retarded.
  23. stiehl Atares, King of Thera -
    It isnt retarded I would say that it is "lofty" or "pretentious". What was retarded was gnometron or whoever that robot gnome thief was a while back...that shit irritated me to no end. I'm not a huge fan of things that break immortal made dildos, bong pipes, or t-shirts.
  24. blarg Atares, King of Thera -
    Fantasy novels are full of gnome inventions. Tinkgnotron or whatever wasn't that bad. Nothing really wrong with a gnome construct, the speech was the only thing that bothered me and the player was told to curb it and he/she did toward the end.
  25. resatimm Atares, King of Thera -

    My purpose in life is to make people smile or laugh or surprise them. I am who I am. I will not change for you, or for anyone.

    I can assure you, Stiehl, that you are in the infinitesimal minority that does not appreciate what I bring to Thera.

    If it breaks immersion, then so be it.
  26. stiehl Atares, King of Thera -
    So in game when I say hey, did you hear about Michael Phelps getting caught smoking a think that is appropriate...on an RP mud? I'm psyched because it seems like the above statement is a "get out of rp free" card. "If it breaks immersion, then so be it." I love it!!
  27. Linet Atares, King of Thera -
    My only comment to you stiehl is, breaking rp WILL get you denied. So I would not waste your time whining as it is enforced whether this thread makes it seem that way or not. Cursing doesn't help your cause either, nor does homosexuality...Anyways point is stay in char and if something really gets you make a complaint I guess.
  28. resatimm Atares, King of Thera -
    Hey, if you want to say that to ME, then you can go right ahead. Thats as far as the "Resatimm Get out of Jail Free" card will get you. Look at it like a coupon for free food, but only at Outback. You cant go to McDonalds to cash it in, or to Sizzler, it can only be redeemed at the place of purchase, or those who will honour it.
  29. faelon Atares, King of Thera -
    People take this game way to seriously.

    Just relax and enjoy. Or don't and don't play.
  30. erlwith Atares, King of Thera -
    dude. I'm pretty sure that we all can agree that since Rigwarly (and the firegiant bers nerfs) kalist has sucked royally