posted on 2009-06-26 00:50:54
  1. joker RIP MJ -
    lol this shit is spreading like wildfire
  2. joker RIP MJ -
    lol this shit is spreading like wildfire
  3. razza RIP MJ -
    it deserves to. Michael jackson was a god, nobody will ever be as good as he was
  4. Clifton RIP MJ -
    A search for moonwalk on google turns up more hits for MJ than it does for space exploration.
  5. erlwith RIP MJ -
    Jeez. RIP
  6. Hrimo RIP MJ -
  7. tiqa RIP MJ -
    He sure had the dance moves - unparelled. RIP.
  8. Blasphemy RIP MJ -
    One of the best singers that ever lived... not only that he could dance better than anyone ive ever seen... I live in vegas, and see performers try to do what he does and no one even comes close!!!!
  9. kalist RIP MJ -
    MJ was awesome before he went all crazy and turned from a black man to a white girl. As for the child stuff maybe he was just misunderstood?
  10. ergorion RIP MJ -
    Why need Michael when you can have this guy:
  11. Kjin RIP MJ -
    Rest easy King of Pop. Weird guy, helluvan artist though.
  12. Linet RIP MJ -
    Michael Jackson did not acctually die of a heart attack. He died of food poisoning. They found 12 year old nuts in his mouth.

    But really ABC 123 it baby! RIP