The Philosophy of Knights

posted on 2009-06-25 19:57:52
Atyrdolm tells you 'I would not doubt that it was the fact that you came to defeat me with Alisie. It is unfortunate though, I feel that punishment is quite harsh.'

You tell Atyrdolm 'You are still one of the most misguided inhabitants of this realm that I know.'
You tell Atyrdolm 'I think my spot in Legion would fit you better than your spot in Knights.'

Atyrdolm tells you 'Why is this?'

You tell Atyrdolm 'It seems to me you have more a mindset of a Legionnaire than a Knight.'
You tell Atyrdolm 'I have heard stories of you brutalizing Mystics.'
You tell Atyrdolm 'Not very Knightly of you.'

Atyrdolm tells you 'I am amused that everyone seems to feel they know the way of a Knight.'
Atyrdolm tells you 'Zalastran was an Anathema to Valour.'

You tell Atyrdolm 'Not when you killed him the second time.'

Atyrdolm tells you 'A mystic should learn to control his tongue. If he was truely innocent then he would have kept to himself and understood that his broken allegiance would result in such course action.'
Atyrdolm tells you 'My thick elvish blood prevents me from having sympathy for him, he still possess a dark heart and has yet to do anything beneficial for Thera or the Knights so I owe him nothing.'

You tell Atyrdolm 'That's the thing. Are not Knights supposed to be virtuous?'
You tell Atyrdolm 'Honor, courage, and respect.'
You tell Atyrdolm 'It's not about owing.'
You tell Atyrdolm 'That is the verbiage of the Legions.'

Atyrdolm tells you 'Why do you think that you know our ways so clearly? Were you once a Knight?'

You tell Atyrdolm 'There is literature on the Knights readily available.'

Atyrdolm tells you 'You see only the surface of what happens.'

You tell Atyrdolm 'I'm guessing the rest of Knights is about as deep as you are.'

Atyrdolm tells you 'I stand alone.'
Atyrdolm tells you 'My ways are old and righteous. We elves hold pride in ourself and thus what forces me to strive to be the best.'

You tell Atyrdolm 'Your elven heritage comes before your duties as a Knight?'

Atyrdolm tells you 'You only hear of the negative things, that are only negative to some, but if you were to see through my eyes you would see clearly.'
Atyrdolm tells you 'The shadowspawn that plead and misconstrue the truth are obviously seeking sympathy and some sort of action, but the fact is, you only know what the truth is if you stand by the Light.'

You tell Atyrdolm 'My claim is that you have lost your way and that you are in actuality standing in the shadows.'

Atyrdolm tells you 'You only know the ways of the Light and our Gods if you serve them. Those who stand aside and seek to make it their own business have no idea what lays beneath the surface.'
Atyrdolm tells you 'You are filled with lies and broken hearts. You have seen my honor and generousity, so you should know that my ways are not flawed.'

You tell Atyrdolm 'What honor? What generosity?'

Atyrdolm tells you 'I have let you live countless times. The fact that I do not seek your head the instant you show your face is enough honor. Not leaving your body completely torn and ragged is my generousity to you.'

Atyrdolm tells you 'I could easily purify your corpse and prevent you from taking anything, but I choose to wait until you acquire it all.'

You tell Atyrdolm 'If that is not Legion-speak, I don't know what is.'

Atyrdolm tells you 'It is obvious no one truely knows the meaning of our roles. We only create what we desire to become from the guidelines we are given. Just because you do not agree with them does not make them wrong.'
Atyrdolm tells you 'I have seen you run from battle or leave my presence, but I do not say that you are not what a Legion is suppose to be. If these are the decisions you decide to make, then they are just that.'
Atyrdolm tells you 'I have also seen you ignore your cabal responsibilities or aid in uneven odds, but I do not judge you.'
Atyrdolm tells you 'So don't judge me.'

We should all just be thankful that there are pk penalties. That\x92s where Atyrdolm gets his generosity from, otherwise we would all be multi-killed again and again and again. Atyrdolm is probably the most ratings driven player I have seen to date. Has anyone else noticed how when he was rated lower, he was jumping at the chance to fight the best pkers in the realms, and now that he\x92s on top he\x92s more cautious than a Jew with his money (I\x92m sorry I\x92m comparing Jews to Atyrdolm, I shouldn\x92t insult them like that, I just needed an analogy there)? There\x92s no denying that he has incredible skill at PK, but he\x92s just in the wrong cabal, besmirching the name of Knights.
  1. der-da-der The Philosophy of Knights -
    I guess my question is that you are a legion concerned for the well being of a Mystic? Not very legion like.

    How have your interactions been with him? Has he multi- killed you? Has he done anything to YOU not your ooc buddies that would make you think less of him.

    Everyone gets butt hurt when they have been dropped by a player. You can see an definite change in Razza - he was happy when he was dominating now he is not because he has been bested by Atyrdolm.

    Point is - if he is doing something wrong let the Immortals handle it. It's their job not yours.
  2. grinsa The Philosophy of Knights -
    I'm not a Legion.
  3. razza The Philosophy of Knights -
    Atyr doesn't make me unhappy. He's much better than me, and I acknowledge that, even if he acts like a legion. The problem is that he's the ONLY one who will fight keepers now... But anyway, I've been having more fun lately. RP is great, especially developing character flaws that not everyone sees readily
  4. lmauge The Philosophy of Knights -
    why would a legion talk about honor and courage ur damn legion what the hell do you know about that. Your job is to kill goodies, if you die in the process its because you aren't good enough. his job is to kill you plain and simple. Just admit to the fact that he is one scary dude and no one likes losing their rares. However what is great about atry is that he has been killed and came back just as strong. Respect the fact that he didn't go inactive or rage delete after he died. He is actually doing what he is supposed to be doing dusting himself off and striving on. Stop focusing on a bs mystic who is playing both sides.
  5. razza The Philosophy of Knights -
    grinsa just hates atyr, he's using zalastran's case to try to prove Atyr isn't knightly so he gets kicked out and deletes, saving grinsa more deaths. very legion-like, if you ask me
  6. grinsa The Philosophy of Knights -
    Razza's pretty much right on in his second comment.
  7. der-da-der The Philosophy of Knights -
    I think it is hilarious that ex-Legion members keep saying they are not legion because they got kicked. Your CHARACTER's philosophy doesn't change over night. You were Legion which means you believe the same way Legion does whether you are a member or not. You were Legion - you think as Legion (except the fact that you didn't make the grade.)
  8. grinsa The Philosophy of Knights -
    The circumstances involving my uninduction from Legion are between Olyn and me. You all don't know what you're talking about.
  9. lendorav The Philosophy of Knights -
    This has existed as long as muds have:

    player X makes an evil because he wants to kill everyone

    player X kills everyone because he is evil

    player X soon finds out that player Y who is good aligned is killing him all the time

    player X then suddenly discovers that goods should be pacifists and starts to cry about it
  10. stephen This kicks asss... -
    I love it! More fighting! More bodycounts please :)

    Go Atyr, go Grinsa!

    Round 10... FIGHT!
  11. Linet The Philosophy of Knights -
    Atyrdolm, from what I see, kills everyone...And helps lightwalkers rank. I have yet to die to him, but I am sure somewhere down the line I will. He is owning everyone and as long as the immortals have no problem with his RP and killing sprees then it is Knightly. They generally determine such anyways and we don't have any say. Go get another malicious beast set and try again...
  12. kalist The Philosophy of Knights -
    Atyrdolm tells you 'It is obvious no one truely knows the meaning of our roles. We only create what we desire to become from the guidelines we are given. Just because you do not agree with them does not make them wrong.'

    I like that a lot.
  13. joker The Philosophy of Knights -
    from the looks of the logs, his "killing spree" are probably just self defense, cabal duties or just plain instigation. it would be nice to see/hear atyrdolms side of it for once
  14. Cadarel The Philosophy of Knights -
    He's good, but he's not unbeatable. I nearly beat him, and I'm semi competent? Is that how Kalist put it?
  15. kalist The Philosophy of Knights -
  16. alisie The Philosophy of Knights -
    I've beat him once as well, though I got I bit cocky when he came back with a priestess... He is good, but definitely not unbeatable.
  17. erlwith The Philosophy of Knights -
    Hard to respect someone who runs and gets their priestess every time they get to 50% in a 1on1.

    They need to fix that shit anyway. I thought enlist was only for when outnumbered?
  18. alisie The Philosophy of Knights -
    Yeah, that priestess thing gets annoying. A few times that priestess saved him from dying that second time. Though I should've expected it as its not the first time he's done that. Next time occultist v priestess :P
  19. rekkakun The Philosophy of Knights -
    My my. Cadarel is now leader of Justice. Well done. but the leader of Justice is semi competant only???