posted on 2009-06-12 20:24:17
know this doesnt belong here, but i applied for a Forum account like two + months long can it take?? even sent a prayer in game...ya'll just not want me to play or somethin? sorry for takin up log space. any suggestions on how to expedite the process?
  1. pip Sorry -
    i think i saw somewhere on the forums where resatimm said he just deny's all because he is constantly getting hundred of forum activations, just give us your forum name and we can post a thread about it.
  2. Kjin thanks pip -
    Kjin was the name i registered with, i guess they'll have my email and all that, if you need more info, just let me know on this log thread. thanks
  3. pip Sorry -
    no problem, glad to help
  4. ergorion Sorry -
    I'm pretty Res asked for people wanting activation for their forum accounts to send a note in game with the subject line: MOTHER FUCKING ACCOUNT ACTIVATION, or something like that.
  5. Nadrin Sorry -
    Yeah res posted that.
  6. Blyden Sorry -
    Yeah I sent to Resatimm


    And he activated me almost immediately
  7. pip Sorry -
    activated. you welcome
  8. Blyden Sorry -
    Actually he responded