abandoned realms registry

posted on 2008-10-22 19:34:30
I didn't find an e-mail address on the site....not sure who runs it.
Not once, not twice,but four times now i've registered myself on abandonedrealms.com. i've yet to receive a confirmation e-mail allowing me as a user. What is going on with that? Is it for immortal use only, moderator only.....?
  1. adebaldi abandoned realms registry -
    because of spam users and onions the approving guy is having a hard time. Just post user here and we'll post it on forums so it can get approved.
  2. kasee \tabandoned realms registry -
    Sounds good, I would want my username to be Bombadil. How does this work if I do not want to post my password (obvious)? just my e-mail address?
  3. adebaldi abandoned realms registry -
    If you already tried to register then it should be just about ticking a box somewhere, no email or password posting involved.
  4. Karalinso abandoned realms registry -
    Actually just send a note to Resatimm in game. Put the subject as MOTHA FUCKING ACCOUNT ACTIVATION or he wont respond. But in the message put the name of the account you want activated. He will send you a note in game telling you he activated it.