posted on 2008-01-25 04:55:32
We really ought to load the database up - it would be so tight if every single item known to man was in there. Just do like one item a day, it would load up so fast. I use it a lot, and I'm sure tons of other people do - why not make it nice? you learn about some cool unknown armor at the same time when you do it too - goblin armor is +2 strength, which is cool. every item in the village is done now, too.
  1. krakknot IDs -
    I submited a few things about a month ago with this plan in mind, but none of my ID's were being posted in the database so I stopped posting there.
  2. Clifton IDs -
    Yeah, we need new approvers to approve ids. Anyone want to volunteer?
  3. balaks IDs -
  4. Clifton IDs -
    done. just make sure they actually have locations and stuff.
  5. m1co IDs -
    Well, Clif, you know i'm jerking off at Invokation daily, and you know that i'm a super hoarder whom knows 90% of the game gear by head. So yeah, i think i would be fine to volunteer, if there's actually people to post stuff.
  6. balaks IDs -
    ok, so how do i approve stuff then? i guess it give me an option when people submit stuff yeah?
  7. m1co IDs -
    Let's test it out for you, my irish friend.
  8. m1co IDs -
    get on msn
  9. balaks IDs -
    got it, thanks
  10. wj IDs -
    whenever I'm just idling, I'll go out and ID items. which is what everyone else should do too. I'll volunteer to approve stuff as well, if you want.
  11. Clifton IDs -
    okay, added you wj. ids can be approved under ids.... you can edit them too.
  12. slade IDs -
    Does editing items actually work now?

    Can't we just start over, ideally with something that works?

    There was a kind of partial delete last time, but now its even worse than before.
  13. bassball IDs -
    I've tried to edit them and it gives some message about having something wrong, and it won't work.....
  14. bassball IDs -
    And it would be nice if you could change the location of the items, because there are alot in the "arms" section that don't go on your arms
  15. slade IDs -
    Yeah.. a lot of the data is crap and you can't fix it, which is why I kind of gave up on IDs.
  16. wj another problem -
    I changed out the arms ones, it just takes a while because you have to copy and paste the info into something else, and then back into a new id. I can't edit either, btw.

    ALSO - after you delete and ID, say "a short sword", you can't make a new ID that is "a short sword". It says it's still on the database.
  17. retard IDs -
    if an id is wrong you just refuse to accept it into the system and have them page a site admin about it.. dont make it hard
  18. retard IDs -
    although there should probably be an edit feature for the "admins".. you would just need to add an admin panel for that sorta thing
  19. Clifton IDs -
    Yeah, I fixed it so now that the edit button should work. We lost a variable in the file somewhere, causing the mysql syntax error. Sucks. So this should be fine now.
  20. m1co IDs -
    hey clif, you suck, ya didn't made me an "id approver" :D I got like 3 pages of my "personal" ID database, which i never posted becoz after trying with few i never saw em approved, altho the format was flawless?

    But nah, i don't care, i just offered my help, but it seems that you're way too personal in this case:D
  21. deathnote IDs -
    Actually, I have a database that is compiled by me and my friends. Not exactly every single item in the realms. but most of the useful ones are in there. But I was lazy to key in every single one of them inside invokation's database though. haha
  22. Clifton IDs -
    m1co's a whiner!!!

    Done, btw.

    Also, I'm trying to figure out a way to just add items to the database from copy/pasting the id, but there's no way to get mob/area information from it.
  23. Crede IDs -
    I think knowing where potions are is important for new people to know, I've submitted purple and gyvel, if there are others you use a lot, submit those
  24. m1co IDs -
    Clifton, you turtleeyed mockingbird, i r no whiner, i'm just gay irl!

    Anyways, submitting ID's ftw. And remember to read the freakin guidelines, some id's are majorly screwed.