posted on 2007-01-14 08:08:28
Exits: south]
( 9) A pair of cloth pants rests here.
( 9) A pair of velvet pants rests here.
( 9) A delicious looking turkey leg sits here.
( 9) A velvet pouch sits here.
( 9) A dark colored water gourd rests here.
( 9) A blood red candle rests here.
A large pillow cushion sits here.
(White Aura) Waeb is here.
The hobbit grocer is sleeping here.
Xertewin walks in.
An everchanging coloured dragon flies in.
Zarat walks in.

<682/684hp 164/727m 353mv 18155tnl >
Waeb's charge attack does UNSPEAKABLE things to the hobbit grocer!

<682/684hp 164/727m 353mv 18155tnl >
the hobbit grocer disarms Waeb!
Xertewin's flaming bite MASSACRES the hobbit grocer!
Waeb's punch DISMEMBERS the hobbit grocer!
  1. jeoparty Godly -
    It's much cooler in a PK. Wild cobra strike for the win.