I love this part

posted on 2006-12-29 05:10:07
<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > say You don't have protection
<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You say 'You don't have protection.'

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > say You had it coming
<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You say 'You had it coming.'

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > af
<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You are affected by the following:
Spell: protection : modifies save_vs_spell by -1 for 15 hours
Spell: armor : modifies ac by -20 for 15 hours
Spell: dark shroud : lasts for 3 hours
Skill: warcry : modifies save_vs_spell by -5 for 0 hours
: modifies hitroll by 5 for 0 hours
Spell: detect invis : lasts for 19 hours

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl >
Adan says 'I dont need protection.'

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > say Apparently you do
<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You say 'Apparently you do.'

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl >
Adan says 'You fuck I am a bard.'

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl >
Adan says 'I do not fight '

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > say Well I do
<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You say 'Well I do.'

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > grin
<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You grin evilly.

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl >
Adan says 'That gives you no reason to kill me.'

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > say It does
<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You say 'It does.'

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl >
Adan says 'You unjustified prick.'

<482/482hp 670/731m 304mv 12849tnl >
Your warcry wears off.

<482/482hp 688/731m 304mv 12849tnl > say Either you are with the Dark Army or you aren't
<482/482hp 688/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You say 'Either you are with the Dark Army or you aren't.'

<482/482hp 688/731m 304mv 12849tnl > say And if you don't have protection, I assume you are not
<482/482hp 688/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You say 'And if you don't have protection, I assume you are not.'

<482/482hp 688/731m 304mv 12849tnl >
Adan says 'Either you are a dumbass or wait there are no other options.'

<482/482hp 688/731m 304mv 12849tnl >
A half-elf city guard walks in.

<482/482hp 724/731m 304mv 12849tnl > laugh
<482/482hp 724/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You fall down laughing.

<482/482hp 724/731m 304mv 12849tnl >
Adan says 'It is shit why did you attack me?'

<482/482hp 724/731m 304mv 12849tnl > say I am done responding to you
<482/482hp 724/731m 304mv 12849tnl > You say 'I am done responding to you.'
  1. trance_m I love this part -
    that's pretty funny

    would that be a scenario where the bard could retaliate and initiate against him?
  2. smotpoker I love this part -
    I would say yes
  3. Clifton I love this part -
    No one's going to deny a bard for pk'ing. You'll probably get talked to when you reach senseless slaughter point.
  4. Laban Oni Heh -
    With 3 weapon choices, no sanc, no detects, gimped shield of words, and no dual wield or shield block.. I'd say good luck with the retaliation part heh. For now I won't play a bard.
  5. Retard I love this part -
    3 weapon types doesnt really matter, the foreign weapon penatly was moved aside for the new weapon advantage stuff ( blade > shaft > Segment ) that's all you need. And bards have that. And staff / sword/ dagger along with counterbalance/uncanny attack is a good selection. Not to mention they have all the buff songs, like battle hymn, curing, Laban you just suck.
  6. Laban Oni Heheh -
    Well, 'retard' as you posted under. Yes they do have all three, counting staff. Staff and exotic. My point was not just that they have a limited weapon selection, but also lack dual wield for style advantage, which would be kind of useful in some situations. As for what they get in return? Uncanny attack. Granted, useful. But other than that, they are a bit left in the dust as far as special attacks go, where as the rest of the rogues were given other fun goodies to play with. Now, as for bards getting some nice songs.
  7. Laban Oni Heh -
    Yes they do, I played a number of them, for quite some time. As for thier battle hymn, yes it's nice. And they can cure, a cure light for 20 mana a pop. Not terrible.... but not effecient enough to make them on par in the area of survivability with an equal skilled player on the other classes. Perhaps I'm just bitchy that lovely eye gouge is gone, and shield of words no longer does prot align. Or perhaps any number of other things in that reguard. I must give you this though, you didn't act like a 'retard' and try to convince me that four seasons was the shit hehe.... when I hear that I laugh. Anyway, no I am not the best pker, never said I was. But I used to play a ton of bards, and did damn well with them. Even before eye gouge, phantom flute, or any number of other additions I helped put in were given to bards. The new combat system is a bit different than before, but I'd still say a bit more love for the bards could be given. Only rogue class with no disarm/hiding/detections. Lost thier knockout, so no sleeping evils either. And, as for thier mageish side... they are fun, but honestly with the mana cost of the spells at 50 you can pop off 10 to 11 of thier combat spells before you're out of mana from full, so that's more of an afterthought in the combat songs.
  8. deadzero I love this part -
    spalino comes to mind, yes, I know he was pre-changes so no need to bitch about that. but still.
  9. drunkguy99 I love this part -
    yeah... laban, the only thing i can say is that you just suck at pking... just because you don't get all the shit you're talking about doesn't mean you can't effectively pk via flee/murder spamming. so.. before you start complaining about the pk ability of a bard, you should consider that you aren't shit
  10. drunkguy99 I love this part -
    oh yeah, what i forgot to say is that it's a little sad that you aren't better considering how long you've been playing this game
  11. Laban Oni :P -
    Heh, drunk yeah I am not that good anymore. But back when I USED to play, I was pretty damn decent. Having 2 warlords both with very very good records. And my bard also was fully decked for well over a year, beating the shit out of warlords and a goodly number of others. Do I suck now? Heck yeah I do. But, at a time I was decent. I also took god.. how many years off? I never was as good as Code or Kalist, but I was alright once upon a time. My thoughts on the bard issue, are hey.. they gave loving to all the other classes, give a bit to the bards. And flee/murder spam isn't going to do shit to a warrior dual wielding spears. You're toast. Isn't going to do shit to anyone but a mage. Bards get 2nd attack (3rd indoors). Flee murder spam for 2 attacks/round isn't going to do you a whole lot of good when you can't dual wield against a mage. And against a warrior class it would be stupid. How about rather than ad hominem attacks you actually try an intellectual and constructive form of reasoning? Such low brow forms of argument are best left to middle school and children in general. Thanks.
  12. drunkguy99 I love this part -
    so.. you are concerned about dual wielding? yeah, have you ever heard of combat superiority or... weapon type advantage? guess not =P
  13. Laban Oni Meh -
    "My thoughts on the bard issue, are hey.. they gave loving to all the other classes, give a bit to the bards." My main point wasn't just 'give them dual wield.' It is do something with them to make them a bit more onpar with the other classes goody wise with the new implimented attacks/styles. My point being, they have less weapon types than any other 'multi-class' type. Or even the clerics. They have 3 weapons, which is the same as the 'pure mage' types. Clerics/shamans have more weapons to choose from. What would more weapons do for them? Well, I could see mace being appropriate, in the fact that it's a simple weapon. It would give them another shaft possibility other than staff, and with a small mace would allow them to stay counter balanced. Or perhaps whip? Not so 'unbardly' but it would give them another 'segment' possiblity other than exotic. Granted, in that reguard with them only having uncanny attack for one of the new attacks everyone got, exotics would more likely than not be the segment of choice. That being said, why would a bard.. not 'clobber' someone with a staff? My point was exactly that they could use dual wield to snag some combat superiority on mages when defending against them. But hell.. I'd love bards even more if the mana cost for every offensive combat spell (all of which are area effect to screw you over in mob filled rooms) was not 50 to 60. :P There are my 2.5 cents.