cool newbie betraying

posted on 2006-09-24 19:02:16
**After grouping Amdangotten for a few hours this occurs. Ive been playing this mud for just a few days and really just want to group and learn the mud, this kind of crap makes me want to quit. Warning, do not group Amdangotten, he is a newbie killer!!**

<36hp 112m 4mv> gro
Amdangotten's group:
[18 Ber] Hyde 14% hp 62% mana 10% mv 2099 tnl
[19 Nin] Amdangotten 76% hp 100% mana 73% mv 3337 tnl
[15 Pet] Werawolf the beagle 87% hp 100% mana 100% mv 6630 tnl

<50hp 115m 26mv>
Werawolf the beagle walks west.
You follow Amdangotten.
A Moss Covered Path
A crowded path covered with brightly colored green moss meanders awkwardly
between tall trees covered with dark brown bark and thin branches weighed down
with large numbers of needles. Simfea, Carss, Fiek, and a few other types of
bushes surround the trees, though few of them are blooming with the little light
that is able to get to them during daylight hours. The rustling of the needle
covered branches rubbing against one another fills the air.

[Exits: north east south]
(Charmed) A beagle is here following its master.
Amdangotten the Josokotei is here.

<50hp 115m 23mv>
Amdangotten removes you from her group.

<50hp 115m 23mv>
Amdangotten now follows you.

<50hp 115m 23mv>
Amdangotten stops following you.
You yell 'Help! Amdangotten kicked dirt into my eyes!'
Amdangotten kicks dirt in your eyes!
You stop following Amdangotten.
Amdangotten's kicked dirt grazes you.
You sure are BLEEDING!
Autohint: You should FLEE to recuperate when you are badly hurt.
You can't see a thing!
Your thrust misses someone.
Your thrust misses someone.
Someone's slash wounds you.
You sure are BLEEDING!
Autohint: You should FLEE to recuperate when you are badly hurt.
Someone's slash decimates you!
You are stunned, but will probably recover.
You have been KILLED!!

  1. guest cool newbie betraying -
    Don't worry buddy, what comes around, goes around. I raped Amdangotten and will probably rape them again unless they've deleted.

    Keep in there bud, If you're a sucker for punishment you'll recieve help from the strangest of places... Hell even your killer might end up helping you out more then you could dream.
  2. guest BLAT -
    Yeah don't let this shit bother you it does suck. But he will get it back ten fold. Just post it here when that stupid shit happens and i'm sure someone will take care of it.
  3. guest cool newbie betraying -
    Following before attacking is especially despicable and hints at someone who knows enough to know better as well. What a loser.
  4. causality Meh... -
    Setup trigger which actions "nofol" whenever someone "removes you from his/her group". And also, the second you have a "feeling" that something isn't right, you are usually correct - you gotta be decisive and know when to run and get ready for the fight.

    But yea, it does suck - and I agree you will always gain knowledge from the oddest of places.
  5. jonus cool newbie betraying -
    Hang in there man. Hate to say it but it won't be the last time. As a serker if you know your screwed rage on em, ninja's have crap for hps.
  6. hyde cool newbie betraying -
    thanks for the encouragement all! i ended up just starting a new char, i figure a good align group is less likely to betray me!
  7. guest cool newbie betraying -
    HAHAHAHA you loser. I'm so gonna rape you. HAhahahaha You gotta stick evil, or stick nothing. atleast nuetral even you won't get jerked around too much. hahahah but as a goody, You're just a big walking target, see your corpse laying around! hahahahaha
  8. guest following does nothing -

    Amdangotten now follows you.

    Amdangotten stops following you.
  9. pip cool newbie betraying -
    And there is Remmenon once again, killing off the new players we have just to jerk off to his sick fantasys. Way to go Remmenon.
  10. trance_m cool newbie betraying -
    yeah, Rem's a fucktard.

    Good aligns do get raped a good bit, though. That's a tradeoff for being protected vs. 1/3 of the alignment pool, and usually 2/3. Also requesting, having mobs able to stick up for you, etc.

    Good align is safer, easier to learn with, and at times boring because of that. Evil's far more interesting, but I can see it being a hard starting position.