Howto kill some1 out of range

posted on 2006-07-30 20:18:09
* none(defensive)-mob-active-day
* Hp:13% Mana:45% Moves:68% >
Demon-Elf utters the words, 'parasite'.
Demon-Elf's parasites MASSACRES you!
You sure are BLEEDING!
Your bloodstream is infested with parasites!
Demon-Elf is in awful condition.

* none(defensive)-mob-active-day
* Hp:2% Mana:45% Moves:68% >
Your pound maims Demon-Elf!
Demon-Elf is DEAD!!
You receive 134 experience points.
You hear Demon-Elf's death cry.
You get 273 gold coins from the corpse of Demon-Elf.
You split 273 gold coins. Your share is 137 gold coins.
The Overlord gives you 43 gold coins for your sacrifice.
You split 43 gold coins. Your share is 22 gold coins.

* no opponent(defensive)-none-active-day
* Hp:2% Mana:45% Moves:68% >
Indumahkin closes his eyes momentarily and nods at you.
Parasites feed on Indumahkin's influx of mana.
Your parasites DISEMBOWELS you!
You have been KILLED!!

You turn into an invincible ghost for a few minutes.
As long as you don't attack anything.
  1. guest Howto kill some1 out of range -
    as long as u get the eq. then its just a death. no need to delete if u have the eq
  2. cr8zymage Howto kill some1 out of range -
    he was killed again by someone trying to heal him, while he still was parasited.
  3. deadzero Howto kill some1 out of range -
    perhaps finally a reason to get rid of the thing?