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posted on 2006-05-27 10:35:48
<[100%hit 100%mana 100%mv 1973tnl 394gold dusk no opponent:none]> l
North Square
You are at the North Square of Seringale. It is peaceful and quiet here.
The square is a large opening space surrounded by grand buildings made by
fanciful stonework. You see the Main Street to the north and the south and
the North Road to the east and the west.

[Exits: north east south west]
(Glowing) (Humming) A blade with Lodur's mark lies here.
A brass finger post points down the surrounding streets.
A squashy looking goat stands here looking depressed.
(Charmed) A snail is trying to get out of your way.

<[100%hit 100%mana 100%mv 1973tnl 394gold dusk no opponent:none]> get bla
You get a runed blade.
The night has begun.

<[100%hit 100%mana 100%mv 1973tnl 394gold night no opponent:none]> bogg
You boggle at the concept.

<[100%hit 100%mana 100%mv 1973tnl 394gold night no opponent:none]> wear bla
A runed blade is too powerful for you and falls off.
Anyone know what this dagger is? I found it my first rank. It's supposed to have destroyed Thalos or something crazy like that.
  1. aughn Untitled log -
    I've found it twice now. I'll post an id for it. Each time, it crumbled to dust after a while.
  2. iuvul Untitled log -

    Object 'runed blade dagger lodur' is type weapon, material diamond.
    Extra flags: glow hum magic nodrop nopurge no_locate no_uncurse persist.
    Weight is 6 lbs, value is 1, level is 50.
    Weapon type is exotic.
    Damage is 9-54 (average 31).
    Increases experience gained by 10%.

  3. Elaedon Untitled log -
    It dissappears randomly after a time, to go somewhere random on ground. I once picked it up north of Seringale with Erdana, once in Seringale. I didn't know about the experience bonus, maybe that's new.
  4. m1co Untitled log -
    i have found it at emerald and at gnome village, is pretty nifty:)
  5. gomer Untitled log -
    its your own personal surge in a bottle
  6. onalivudd untitled log -
    Last I remember, it did some funky shit when you wield it in a battle. But I havent seen it floating around in like 3-4 years
  7. Xerties Untitled log -
    You're probably thining of Loki's blade, Onalivudd. That would spawn a duplicate of yourself that you had to fight. Pretty wild.
  8. Ramod Untitled log -
    That is Loki's blade.
  9. whambo carveable! -
    you can carve it too.
    the arrows aren't very impressive, i'm afraid, normal pierce damage.