the law lost

posted on 2006-04-12 19:59:54
[ Avian ] <PK> Caedan the Veteran of War
[ Human ] Kakureru the Ippon Seinage
[ Elf ] Mithanniel the Bow Bearer
[ Storm ] <PK> [KNIGHT] Ghilub the Conquistador, Footman of Valour
[ Elf ] Zeil the Greater Invoker
[ Storm ] Dow Yates the Gladiator
[ Minot ] Belaix the Barbarian
[ Stone ] <PK> (WANTED) Rayor the Veteran of War
[ Storm ] (WANTED) Sturn Rael the Captain of Siege
[ H-Elf ] Lyn Senra the Piper
[ Beast ] Sakringer the Overseer of the Hickory Tree
[ Human ] <PK> Clawron Clawfinger the Holy Shaman
[ Drow ] Kaidus the Master of Kotegaeshi
[ Duerg ] <PK> [JUSTICE] Devorast the Holy Shaman
[ Avian ] Driald Arealdan the Gladiator
[ Dwarf ] <PK> Ghorvak Bai the Holy Patriarch of Healing
[ Drow ] Zekiel the Osotogari
[ Human ] Arvinal Soothesayer the Fiddler
[ Human ] Melinda Redeye the Preacher
[ Slith ] <PK> [JUSTICE] Churk Cereous the Conqueror of Conflict
[ Duerg ] Sharax the Combatant
[ H-Elf ] Bilin Bollert the Master of Notes
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Amirlith utters the words, 'sfainfrauzz gpuzre'.
Amirlith is surrounded by a protective shell of magic.

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[ Elf ] [KNIGHT] (WANTED) Jermayn the Vengeance of the Forest, Archon
of Valour
[ Elf ] <PK> [KNIGHT] (BOUNTIED) Amirlith Natanhri the Angel of Arcan
a, Knight of Valour
[ H-Elf ] <PK> (INTRUDER) Elaedon Vincintino the Grand Mistress of Seas
[43 Elf Pal] <PK> (WANTED) Adroan Dunn the Champion of the Templa

welcome to hell boys and churk thanks for the sword.

You are using:
(Glowing) the light of dawn
(Glowing) a nice looking ring
(Glowing) a banded ring
(Glowing) an Order of Light amulet
a wooden cross
(Glowing) a runed wizard hat
(Glowing) (Humming) a diamond earring
a mithril vest
obsidian sleeves
(Glowing) (Humming) a pair of spiked light-steel gauntle
tantalum leggings
(Glowing) boots of protection
(Glowing) a minor globe of invulnerability
the obsidian girth
(Humming) a titanium bracer
(Humming) a titanium bracer
(Glowing) (Humming) 'Xel Morak', the Sword of Seasons
(Humming) a small gem
  1. Beia the law lost -
    474hp 279m 358mv 18179tnl 3923 day>
    Ghilub raises aloft the Centurion's polearm for a mighty overhead attack!
    The Devourer of Power is no match for Ghilub's overhead crush.
    Ghilub's overhead crush MASSACRES the Devourer of Power!
    The Devourer of Power is DEAD!!
    You receive 28 experience points.
    The Devourer of Power's foot is ripped from its leg.
    Amirlith sacrifices the corpse of the Devourer of Power to The Overlord.
    Amirlith splits 50 gold coins. Your share is 8 gold coins.
  2. Beia the law lost -
    Amirlith's group:
    [50 War] Caedan 84% hp 91% mana 87% mv
    [45 War] Ghilub 88% hp 95% mana 96% mv 3463 tnl
    [50 War] Rayor 86% hp 80% mana 67% mv
    [50 Hea] Ghorvak 98% hp 59% mana 85% mv
    [50 Inv] Amirlith 88% hp 42% mana 94% mv
    [50 Mon] Elaedon 100% hp 99% mana 90% mv
    [43 Pal] Adroan 100% hp 40% mana 87% mv 18151 tnl
  3. mullet the law lost -
    Great way to throw away your rp for eq.

  4. Jonus the law lost -
    [43 Elf Pal] (WANTED) Adroan Dunn the Champion of the Templ

    What's with being a wanted deputy?
  5. Beia the law won -
    Then we get dumb and all die yeah!! and for wears i did not risk anything i was wanted for joining Amrilith's group. then i died and did not get any thing back...
  6. m1co the law lost -
    this sword woulda been a nice item to my sacrifice collection:P
  7. guest the law lost -
    youre not supposed to break the law with lawfuls beia
  8. Beia the law lost -
    I did not break any law Churk was mad i had his sword and i was healing all my friends and Wanted me thats all..
  9. Sebryn the law lost -
    "I did not break any law Churk was mad i had his sword and i was healing all my friends and Wanted me thats all.."

    Umm... read HELP LAW. Healing wanted criminals in town is against the law, and will get you wanted as an accomplice.
  10. m1co the law lost -
    what a jerk:D Adroan, i suggest you to hang yourself, and upside down if possible:D