Change to logboard

posted on 2006-03-06 19:54:46
Very obvious as we can all see.

Whole point is to improve readability and scannability.
  1. Mendek Nice work -
    Very nice marsd. Looks great.
  2. Mendek Sticky Posts -
    Can you do that?
  3. davor Change to logboard -
    i dont like the numerals, rest i can live with, but roman numerals, look bad... please undo that horror.

    Good work marsdo. now lock this thread!
  4. Mendek Change to logboard -
    Would you prefer bullets? Give us an idea.

    Peronally, I'd like to be able to open/close comments when viewing the board.
  5. guest Change to logboard -
    Maybe indent again if its a reply to a reply


    My log is posted here
    - Well your log sucks
    - Re: Your log sucks
    - Not bad but try harder next time

    That's an easier format to have a conversation in with 15 people posting
  6. guest Change to logboard -
    ok the indents didnt post so, yeah

    My log is posted here
    (4 spaces) - Well your log sucks
    (8 spaces) - Re: Your log sucks
    (4 spaces) - Not bad but try harder next time
  7. Mendek Change to logboard -
    Right now I think all replies reply to the log itself instead of the preceding post independently.

    I think we should have some nice rounded-corner boxes for each post with alternating colors so we can separate posts better.
  8. marsd Change to logboard -
    O_O wow. that's like a godsend... besides it'd be adding junk ontop of a very messy pile of codes now..
  9. marsd Hiding within log viewer -
    Comments are hidden in log viewing page.

    Main page comment hiding would come later O_O
  10. Jamus Change to logboard -
    I think the show comments/hide comments thing stinks. I read the comments on every single post, and clicking that same button 100 times gets pretty lame. Can you make it so that when you show, they stay visible in all posts, and when you hide, they stay hidden in all posts?
  11. Mendek Change to logboard -
    Yeah, I actually meant for in the main log page. That way I could just that there's a log and that it has comments. That way there'd be 20 logs on a page instead of 5 logs and a million comments filling it up.
  12. guest Change to logboard -
    Can't it be 20 logs + comments?
  13. marsd Change to logboard -
    this is an implementation for user preference.. I'd probably be reversing all the hidden shit within the logs. Not really user friendly either. I'll see wha i can do when i have a rest..... fricking 8am and i hadn't slept yet. brb